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How To Undelete Photos From Huawei P9

How To Undelete Photos From Huawei P9

If you accidentally deleted photos from your Huawei P9, we’ll explain how you can recover these delete images. The best way to restore deleted pictures is by using a selection of different software recovery tools to help get back your deleted pictures on the Huawei P9.

These tools also are great for recovering different files like videos or text messages. Two great tools you can use to recover deleted photos on the Huawei P9 are Dr Fone for Android, and Android Data Recovery. Both of these tools are easy to use and support most files in addition to pictures.


How To Recover Deleted Photos On Huawei P9

Before you go to recover the deleted photos on your Huawei P9, make sure to turn off WiFi and Data or just put the Huawei P9 into airplane mode. The reason for this is because it’ll prevent you from overwriting or writing on top of the deleted files. Now it’s time to download the file recovery software to get back any files that you have deleted by mistake on your Huawei P9.


How to Restore Deleted Photos from Android

  1. Download Dr Fone for Android
  2. Install the software on your Windows PC
  3. Launch the program and follow the directions


At the software has be opened, you will need to connect the Huawei P9 to a PC using a USB cable. You’ll need to have USB Debugging enabled, which is in the developer options menu.

Once you get the Huawei P9 into developer mode, you’ll see at the end of the settings there is an option to enable USB Debugging. You’ll see a notification at the bottom of the Dr. Fone program saying that USB Debugging is enabled and open. Then just follow the on screen instructions and select the files you want to recover on your Huawei P9.

After the process has been completed by the Dr Fone software, you’ll be able to select all files you want to recover and then just select the “Recover” button to get your deleted files back on your Huawei P9. Hopefully after using Dr Fone or the Android Data Recovery tool you will be able to restore your deleted images.



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