How To Use Custom Music On Samsung Galaxy J7

For those that own a Samsung Galaxy J7, you may want to know how to use custom music as a ringtone or alarm. This feature is great for those that like to add your own style or customization to the alarm. You can easily set custom music as an alarm on both the Samsung Galaxy J7, and the process doesn’t take long at all. Below we’ll explain how you can use your own music as an alarm on the Galaxy J7. Even thought the Samsung Galaxy J7 provides users with a large selection of alarm tones, most of them are not cool and just plain obnoxious to wake up to from sleeping. One alternative to using your own custom Galaxy J7 alarm, would be to download one of the dozen of apps from the Google Play Store specific to alarm clocks. It’s important to note that many of these cost money and you probably won’t be a fan of the music for an alarm sound.


As long as you have the song already saved on your Galaxy J7, you can quickly set up a song for the alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy. The following are instructions on how to set up and use custom music as an alarm for the Samsung Galaxy J7.


How to Use Custom Music For Alarm

As mentioned before you need to make sure the track or song is stored on the phone locally. If the song is on your Google Music cloud account, that will not work. The best way to transfer songs to your Galaxy J7 is by connecting your smartphone to a computer and move all the music you want to the “Music” folder on the Galaxy J7. For those using Mac, just use the Android File Transfer tool, and then click-drag the music to your Samsung Galaxy. Once the music is saved on the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the App tray and select the Clock app
  2. Go to the editing screen of the alarm you want to add music for
  3. Select on “Alarm tone”
  4. A list of default songs will show up, browse for the “Add” button to set your own music as the alarm
  5. Browse for the song you want as your new alarm sound and select “Done”


After following the steps above, you’ve successfully added any song from your own personal collection to wake you up as an alarm on the Galaxy J7. It’s also important to note that you should select the “Auto recommendations” option when choosing the music of choice. The reason for this is because instead of listening to the first few seconds of the intro as an alarm, the “Auto recommendations” will extract what is likely the highlight of the song, or the loudest part.



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