How To Use Galaxy 9 Beauty Mode

As mentioned repetitively, the one thing that sets Galaxy S9 smartphone apart from all the other smartphones is its amazing camera experience. Although the front camera hasn’t evolved much from its predecessors, the new powerful megapixel sensor on Galaxy S9 is something that is going to make you a proud owner. The megapixel sensor is undoubtedly going to revolutionize the way you take your selfies.

The first thing you will notice is that the Galaxy S9 has a very wide-angle camera lens which enhances the snapshots. Things get much more interesting when you introduce the Beauty Mode. The Beauty Mode enhances the camera experience that is already spiced up by the ability to capture your surroundings.

Initially, the Beauty Mode was only used in previous models of Samsung smartphones. On your Galaxy S9, you can do much more with the Beauty Mode than just editing minor imperfections.

Beauty Mode on Galaxy S9

The Beauty Mode features the following:

  • The Slim Face which can be used slim or thin out your face
  • Large Eyes enhances the appearance of the eyes making them stand out above the rest
  • Shape correction alters the shape of faces in a photo which may appear to be distorted
  • Skin tone softens the skin tone thereby concealing any wrinkles that might be visible in the photo

The Beauty Mode can be accessed by tapping on the small icon in the camera app from which a window will be displayed with a list of options. You can then adjust the slider for each Beauty Mode feature that you need to enhance. You can do this for all photos taken on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Note that the Beauty Mode along with its features can be used individually to enhance specific parts of an image. To do that, you will need to highlight those specific parts then use the previously described features by using the spotlight in the Beauty Mode.

The best results can be obtained by manually adjusting both the strength and direction of the Beauty effects. Therefore, there is a need to keep practicing so as to take full control of all the features. It will take some patience and constant practice to get the best out of Beauty Mode on your Galaxy S9.

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