How To Put Galaxy S9 In Silent Mode (Priority Mode)

Most smartphone users will always find a way to use the silent mode feature. The silent mode is not only popular on Samsung Galaxy S9 but also on other smartphones as well. On the Galaxy S9 however, the silent mode is given more value and that is why it is referred to as the priority mode. Why priority mode? Well, because you are the one to select apps and contacts that have priority hence exempting them from the restrictions when the silent mode is activated. If you are interested in using the priority mode on your Galaxy S9 smartphone, the steps below should give you sufficient insights on how to go about it.

Setting up Priority Mode in the Galaxy S9

To set up the priority mode on your Galaxy S9 smartphone, press and hold the volume up button on your smartphone and wait for the dialog box to be displayed. There will be a number of options for you to choose from. You can even set the time of day when the priority mode should be active. To set the longevity of the priority mode, tap on the plus or minus sign.

Once you activate the priority mode, you should be able to see a star-shaped icon on your screen. Apps that have been set in priority mode will also notify you that the mode is active. During the time when your Galaxy S9 is in the priority mode, all the ringtones will become inactive but you will still be able to receive and make phone calls.

Changing Priority Mode Options

The Samsung Galaxy S9 enables you to set the personal specification for the priority mode. All you have to do when looking to change the priority mode options is tap on the ‘cog’ icon. You may want to change your preferences for the reminders, messages, calls, events and even contacts.

Applications Control

  1. The android system is set in such a way that when the priority mode is active, you can still control the applications
  2. In the Sounds and Notifications menu, tap on the Notifications Applications Notifications
  3. Select those apps you would like to be in the Priority Mode
  4. Switch these apps to the priority mode as illustrated before. Once you activate the mode, it will reject any other notification sounds for all apps except for those that you included in the list


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