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How To Use Huawei P9 Notes App

How To Use Huawei P9 Notes App

For those that own a Huawei P9, you may want to know the notes app called come the Note app that is already pre-installed on the smartphone. The Huawei P9 Notes app allows for users to quickly and conveniently takes both handwritten and typed notes on the Huawei P9. One cool new feature about the Huawei P9 Note app is that you can now sync these notes with Evernote.
How to type or draw notes in Notes App
If you want to use the Huawei P9 to create a new note in the Note app, a Pen tool will show up in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Also, the way you can switch between free hand writing and typed notes is by just selecting either next to the pen tool or expand the pen tool menu and select the type of writing utensil, color, and more. It’s important to note that some of the Huawei P9 writing tools have thicker tips than others.
The Note app on the Huawei P9 comes with undo and redo actions that can be found at the top of the screen. Select on the menu button in the upper right hand corner to perform even more actions. This is where you’ll go when you want to add a page to your note. You can also share your notes from this menu.
How to change templates and access more options in Notes App
The Huawei P9 Note app comes with many different templates that include checklists, meeting agenda notes, blank sheets, and option options. When you launch the Notes app for the first time you’ll be asked to choose a default template. You can always change it later, but this is the template Note app will default to for new notes when using your Huawei P9.
In addition, to get more options on a page, just select the menu button. These options will even allow you to record a sketch, magnify notes, and way more cool things.


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