How To Use Samsung Galaxy J7 As A Flashlight

At one point or other, there will come a time where you want to use your Samsung Galaxy J7 as a flashlight. The Galaxy J7 flashlight is no LED Maglight replacement, but it will do in a great job in helping in times that you need a light source for Galaxy J7. Did the power go out? Did your cat chase the TV remote under the couch? Did you lose your cat under the couch? Your Galaxy J7 can help in these situations once you know how to flashlight works.

In the past, you would need to download an app to turn on the flashlight for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Now, however, you can avoid downloading a Galaxy J7 Torch app, because Samsung included a widget that will turn the Galaxy J7 flashlight on and off. A widget is a small shortcut that you add to the home screen of Galaxy J7. Though it isn’t quite the same thing as an app, it still looks like an app icon and it will turn the flashlight on or off.

This guide will teach you how to use Torch on Galaxy J7 with it’s built in widget, and easily use the flashlight feature on your Galaxy J7.

This is how to use Samsung Galaxy J7 as a flashlight:

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy J7.
  2. With you finger, press down on the home screen down until Wallpapers, Widgets, and Home Screen Settings show up on the screen.
  3. Select Widgets.
  4. Browse all the widgets until you see Torch.
  5. Select and hold Torch and move it to an open position on the home screen.
  6. When you need to use flashlight on Galaxy J7, just select the Torch icon.
  7. To turn off the flashlight, you can tap the icon or go to the notification settings to turn off Torch.

The instructions above should help answer the question for those who asked, “How do I use the flashlight on Samsung Galaxy J7?” If you want to use the launcher to use the flashlight on Galaxy J7, it should be similar, except some of the widgets might be in different locations.

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