iMovie Tips And Tricks For Editing

Before we listed the best iMovie template trailers and now we’ve decided to add iMovie editing tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the software and get you to create movies like the pros. iMovie now comes free on your Mac and is a great tool to create wonderful high quality videos with great ease.  With a our guide of iMovie tips and tricks for editing, you can start making movies like you see in Hollywood. Again, iMovie for Mac is a great editing tool and can help you edit those vacation videos together allowing you to remember those great memories. The following will help you learn iMovie keyboard shortcuts to save time, also iMovie editing tips and tricks to create better flow. All of these iMovie tips and tricks work on iMovie 2012, iMovie 2011, iMovie 2009, iMovie 2008.


iMovie Keyboard Shortcut Tricks:

  • Command + Z which, is “Undo”.
  • Command + B splits the clip at the playhead.
  • Up/Down arrows gets you to the start or end of each clip.
  • L speeds up playback to help you quickly scrub through a clip.
  • Backslash (/) will play your video from the start.


Slow down

Go to the time frame that you want to slow down. Right-click. Select “Split Clip “. Click on the second part of the split clip. Press I to open the Inspector. Set “Speed” to what ever speed you want.

Fade in

Select on the purple audio clip and press the “A” key to open the Audio Inspector. Select “Fade In Manual”. Drag the slider to the location you want it to fade in. Select “Done”.

Zoom in

Click on the re-timed clip. Press on the Crop icon. Select “Crop”. Drag the green crop window to zoom in on the image. Select “Done”.

Fill sound gap

If you find yourself with a sound gap there is an easy fix for that. Select the purple audio clip, and choose Edit>Copy and then Edit>Paste. Trim the copy to fill the gap.

Import assets

Create a new project with a widescreen aspect ratio. Go to File>Import and browse for your image. Select “Import”.

Go with the flow

Drag the images onto your iMovie timeline. select on the “Titles Browser”. Drag the title onto the image. Edit the text in the viewer in the top-right.










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