How To Install the Fire TV Stick Guru Kodi build

Posted by Jamie on December 20, 2018

If you have read any of the TechJunkie guides on installing Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV, you may be interested in a build designed especially for it called Fire TV Guru. It’s a slimmed-down version that comes in much smaller than a standard build yet includes most of the features you would expect.

If you use an Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi, you will already know how much extra content is opened up. While Amazon’s own content is plentiful, Kodi adds almost unlimited potential for content of every kind, both legal and otherwise. Fire TV Guru has been delivering that potential for a couple of years now and is still going strong.

First a quick note. Fire TV Guru has experienced some downtime recently with rumors that it has shut down completely. At the time of writing, it seems to be working fine. This may change at any time so if it doesn’t work when you install it, it may not be anything you did. Check out TechJunkie’s list of working Kodi Builds if that happens.

Fire TV Guru

The intent behind Fire TV Guru is to offer a streamlined Kodi build for more modest hardware. That includes the Fire TV Stick and anything else you choose to run it on. The download is just 333Mb which expands to 600Mb when decompressed. It will run on low powered hardware and offer many of the options the standard Kodi build does.

The UI is okay. It isn’t the best and the lower navigation isn’t my favorite. It is logically arranged and works quickly so I cannot complain too much. Sections include Movies, TV Shows, All-in-One, Live Streams, Kids Corner, Sports Centre, Music and Streams. Select one and some of its contents is highlighted before you select it, which is a neat trick. Each section has its own background image that reflects its content which is cool and selecting each results in fast loading.

Fire TV Guru is updated and still works well at the time of writing. As the Kodi community is seeing addons come and go with disturbing regularity, it is essential to use a build that is updated to reflect those changes. I think Fire TV Guru delivers on this. Although see the note at the top depending on when you read this.

Currently, some of the addons included with Fire TV Guru include Picasso, Bennu, Bucky Movies, Fire Fitness, Bass Box, FTFA, Nfl Games, Quantum, SkyNet, NBC Sports Live Extra, IPTV Bonanza, Falcon Sports, Covenant, Not Sure, Elysium, Bob Unleashed and others. This is obviously subject to change given the current environment but as you can see, most of the popular addons are included.

Install the Fire TV Guru Kodi build

I installed the Fire TV Guru Kodi build on my PC to make this tutorial easier to produce but the method remains the same regardless of device.

  1. Open Kodi and check and install any updates.
  2. Select Settings and File Manager.
  3. Select Add Source and None.
  4. Type http://firetvguru.net/fire into the URL bar and select OK.
  5. Give the source a name and select OK.
  6. Navigate back to the Kodi Home screen.
  7. Select Add-ons from the left menu and then select the package installer.
  8. Select Install from zip file and select the repo you just added.
  9. Select repository.firetvguru.zip from the popup list and select OK.
  10. Wait for the addon to be installed.
  11. Select Install from repository and select your repo.
  12. Navigate to the Home screen and select Program addons.
  13. Select Fire TV Wizard and select Builds.
  14. Select Fresh Start Install or Standard Install depending on your needs. I used Fresh Start for a clean slate.
  15. Wait for Add-on installed notification.
  16. Restart Kodi.

When you restart Kodi, Fire TV Guru should load in place of the standard build and you can go from there.

VPN and your safety

Kodi is catching a lot of heat right now and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Even if you have been using it without a problem for a while, now is not a good time to leave yourself exposed. Kodi in itself is not illegal and many addons are perfectly legal to use. Many are not and many allow access to illegal streams. If you use any of these, you now need to use a VPN.

They used to be optional, now they are not. ISPs and agencies are monitoring Kodi traffic for illegal content and you are more at risk now than ever before. Protect yourself at all times whether you’re doing anything wrong or not. Be safe out there!

Fire TV Guru is a solid Kodi build that delivers many of the features we like with a very small install. It would be a shame if it has gone down for good but that’s just the way it goes.

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This Guide Last Updated: December 20, 2018

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