Internet Speed Slow On LG V30 (Solution)

For decades, the Internet has connected billions of people on our planet with each other. However, accessing the Net can sometimes give us a headache especially when it’s slow. Since almost everyone today surfs the Internet with their smartphone, it’s common that this phone exhibits a slow connection from time to time.  And if you’re an LG V30 user who loves Social Media apps like Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, chances are you might want to know how to fix the Slow Internet Connection Issue. In this article, we will be explaining what are the common reasons why this occurs and what should you do with it.

A lot of factors can be considered why your LG V30 is suffering from this issue. Here are some of them:

Why is my LG V30’s Internet Connection Slow?

  • Weak signal strength
  • Weak WiFi network
  • The website you’re visiting is heavily loaded because a lot of users are visiting it
  • A lot of users are using your connection resulting in network congestion
  • Third party applications are running in the background
  • Insufficient smartphone RAM
  • Corrupted Internet cache
  • Outdated LG V30 firmware
  • Outdated Internet browser
  • Speed reduction is reached or data speed limit has already been exceeded

Any of the reason above can cause for a slow Internet connection on the LG V30. If you’ve checked all of the possible reasons above and still can’t pinpoint the cause of your Internet issue, please follow the steps below:

Clear out your Cache

Most of the time, checking the items above will solve the LG V30 Internet slowdown. However, if the LG V30 still has an Internet speed issue, performing a “wipe cache partition” will solve it. This process won’t delete any data from your LG V30. All of your important data like messages, pictures and videos will be safe. To access the “Wipe Cache Partition“ function, head on to the Android Recovery Mode.  Read this guide to learn how to clear LG V30 phone cache.

Disable / Enable the WiFi on your LG V30

From time to time, it’s natural that you’ll be connected to a poor WiFi connection. In order to fix that, you should know how to disable the current wifi connection you are in then connect into the strongest one in your area. To do it, here are the steps:

  1. Open your SmartPhone
  2. Tap on the Menu
  3. Head on to settings
  4. Choose Connection
  5. Tap on Wi-Fi
  6. Switch the slider toggle to off for the weak connection you are currently connected to, then toggle it on with the strongest one in your area

Call Technical Support

Given that you have done all the methods we mentioned earlier and still can’t fix the issue, we recommend that you take your LG V30 to the nearest LG center and have it checked by a professional to see if there’s a factory defect within it. Once proven defective and not serviceable by the technician, a replacement unit will be given to you.

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