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LG V30: How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery

LG V30: How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery

If you are experiencing an issue where pictures are disappearing randomly on your LG V30, then the following steps teach you on how to fix the missing pictures on your smartphone. Even though the picture has been saved on the LG V30 storage, it is nowhere to be found in the Android gallery. There could be a couple of reasons why your picture or video doesn’t appear or has disappeared in the picture gallery on your LG V30. Below we’ll recommend two solutions to solve the issue when you can’t find a picture on the Android Gallery for the LG V30.

Restart LG V30

The easiest and most convenient way that you can fix the missing pictures or videos on the LG V30 is to reboot your smartphone. After the LG V30 has been rebooted, the media scanner of the Android will begin to search for new images on every reboot, which would allow the missing image to appear again in the gallery app.

Install alternative Gallery app on LG V30

If restarting and rebooting your LG V30 is not being effective, then try to download and install QuickPic on your LG V30 from the Google Play Store. Then open the app and make sure if it can locate the picture on the storage of your smartphone. If so, then the issue can be associated with the Android Gallery.

LG V30: Turn OFF App Auto Updates

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Nov 13, 2017

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