How to Add Kodi to the Recent Apps Drawer on Your Fire TV Device

How to Add Kodi to the Recent Apps Drawer on Your Fire TV Device

If you’ve added Kodi to your Amazon Fire TV stick or device which is now more effortless than ever, then, you probably want it easily accessible.  If you’re a newer Kodi user, you’ll soon see why it may become one of your most-used applications once you learn your way around it.

Since you’ll probably want to use Kodi on your Fire TV stick or device quite often, we’re going to tell you how you can add it to your recent apps drawer.  We’ll also let you know how you can move Kodi in your list of applications, so it’s visible from your home screen.

Let’s get down to it.

Add Kodi to Recent Apps

To get Kodi to appear in your recent apps menu on your Fire TV stick or device you’ll just launch it.  Whatever app you’ve recently used shows up there.  Simple, right?  Yes, it is but, if you’ve not used the Kodi application yet how do you find it?  We’ll tell you.

You may have noticed the new user interface installed on your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV that Amazon rolled out.  The Menu has moved from the left side to the top of your Screen.                                                             Fire TV Home screen

  • So, on your Fire TV device from the home screen scroll down to Your apps & games.
  • Click right all the way to the end of Your Apps and Games. Then, click see all with your Amazon remote.  See all apps
  • Search Your Apps & Games until you’ve found Kodi. Finally, just click on Kodi to launch it.

Now when you get back to the home screen on your Fire TV stick or device, you’ll see Kodi in your recent apps.  Every time you use any app on your Fire TV, it’ll show up in the recent apps menu.

Add Kodi to be Visible in Your Apps and Games Menu

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to the Kodi application a little quicker?  Of course, it would so, let’s look at how you can move the Kodi app and make it more accessible.  To get it setup first you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • On the Home screen use your Fire TV remote and scroll down to Your Apps & Games.
  • Right click your remote’s large circular button until you get to, see all, then, select it.
  • Next, find the Kodi app but don’t click on it. Instead, click on the button with the three horizontal lines on your remote while hovering over it.                                                                                                                                     remote options
  • Then, you see a few options to choose from on the lower right-hand side of your TV screen.  You can Move, Move to the front or Uninstall the Kodi app.  Also, this works with any app on your Fire TV Stick or device.App Options
  • If you want Kodi at the front line of your Apps & Games, click move to front otherwise, click on Move and you’ll get the chance to place Kodi where you’d like it to appear in the list.                                        Move Kodi

There now you’ve put the Kodi app in a better place for you to get to it easily.  That’s much better than having to scroll and click through a bunch of menu screens, don’t you think?

You’re now able to get the Kodi application to appear in your recent apps drawer on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or device.  Also, you’re in the know about how you can move Kodi or other apps to your preferred location in the list of Your Apps & Games.  Move apps that you use most frequently to the front of the line and where they’re easily found right on your Amazon Fire TV home screen.

Posted by Heather on March 6, 2017

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