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Which LeapFrog Tablet is the Newest Model?

Which LeapFrog Tablet is the Newest Model?

LeapFrog is an award-winning toy manufacturer that’s been around for a few decades. In recent years, they’ve released various interactive devices for children with which they aim to combine learning complex concepts with light entertainment.

If you’re interested in getting one of these toys for your kids, you may get a little bit overwhelmed due to the sheer number of LeapFrog toys available. Since each new release tends to upgrade to the previous, it’s good to know more about their most recent gadgets.

If you want to learn more about the latest LeapFrog device – LeapFrog LeapPad, keep reading this article.

LeapFrog LeapPad – a New Way of Learning

LeapFrog LeapPad is the latest release from LeapFrog. With a notable history in the innovative toy business, you could say that LeapFrog made the perfect blend of all their previous devices.

Up until now, LeapFrog gadgets featured various innovative accessories, such as audio pens, tablets, LCD screens integrated into specially-designed books, and many others. This device, however, combines all these features into one simple and user-friendly gadget.

The Start-Go system features a pen-like device with a built-in LCD screen on top of it. The device will trigger if you press the designated area in your LeapFrog book with it – a system similar to LeapFrog Tag Junior (an audio-only pen).

leap start

The device is recommended for children over four years of age that are ready to grasp more complex concepts including math, science, critical thinking, etc. In the following sections, you’ll learn more about how this device works.

How Does It Work?

The LeapFrog LeapPad makes books more attractive to the youngest. The children are introduced early to electronic media such as PCs, smartphones, and TVs. They are influenced by “moving and talking images” from the earliest age and, naturally, they’ll pay more attention to the information presented in this form.

Books are still the prime source of knowledge for all generations, but designers from LeapFrog don’t believe that’s enough for the youngsters. That’s why children are encouraged to interact with their learning LeapFrog books.

Each page of a unique LeapFrog learning book has a special stylus that you can tap with your LeapFrog pen. This will trigger the pen’s screen and speaker, which will in response display a game or an interactive video.

Your child can watch these videos, zoom in, focus on different details, answer different questions, and listen to a short lecture. After each page that they finish, they’ll need to remember everything that they’ve learned until they move on to the next one. The ability to play certain levels again and a sense of progress will give children a feel similar to a video game. Instead, they’ll learn important stuff.

Of course, an internet connection is required for the LeapFrog LeapPad to work. You can transfer all user data and progress via USB cable. The USB port also allows you to transfer new educational content to the device if you purchase new books. LeapStart is compatible with all LeapStart books, so you can easily expand your library.

Note: LeapFrog LeapPad is not compatible with LeapReader books.


What’s in the Box?

When you buy LeapFrog LeapPad, you’ll get:

  1. LeapFrog LeapPad Device with an LCD.
  2. 12-page demo book.
  3. USB cable.
  4. Rechargeable lithium battery.

The LeapPad pen is well-designed and your kid wouldn’t have any problems handling it. The LCD screen is fixed on the top of the pen so the child can always focus on the display after they tap the stylus.

In the 12-page sampler book, you can see how the device works. It includes the basics of concepts such as the human body, space, and math.

However, the Grow-With-Me Library that you can find online contains more than 400 different activities that you can download. Furthermore, you can expand your library and keep your child engaged by getting more LeapFrog books.

If you think the child is ready for the more advanced concepts, simply go to the official LeapFrog website and download new content for your LeapFrog LeapPad.

Is It Worth It?

When you compare the price of the LeapFrog LeapPad with similar devices, you won’t notice any big difference. The device is relatively cheap, especially because it offers both entertainment and effective learning methods.

On the other hand, some of the additional downloadable content isn’t always free. Therefore, purchasing the device may not be your only investment. Still, in the long run, you could save money by getting new content for the same device instead of buying the next popular thing every several months. Most importantly, the LeapFrog LeapPad will broaden the horizons of your young one with essential lectures.

Start, Go – Effective and Easy

The LeapFrog LeapPad is at the same time the most powerful and the most convenient LeapFrog device. Downloading and transferring new content is easier than ever before, and the content is more substantial and enjoyable.

On top of that, the LeapPad device is portable, allowing you to take it on longer trips or vacations and keep your kid entertained at all times.

Do you think LeapFrog LeapPad is better than previous LeapFrog releases? Would you buy it for your child? Why or why not? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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