LG G5: How To Fix Power Button Not Working

If you own a LG G5, there’s a good chance that you could be dealing with the power button not working. Some have reported that the LG G5 power button is not working. Some have suggested that pressing the power button on the side of the LG G5 to wake the smartphone and it doesn’t turn on or respond. Even though the buttons light up the screen, the LG G5 doesn’t turn on when hitting the power button. Also it seems that this problems happens when you get a call and the LG G5 rings, but the screen stays black and is not responding.


LG G5 Power Button Not Working Troubleshooting Solutions

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At this moment in time, it’s unknown if any malware or app causes this problem but performing Safe Mode is a good solution to check if a troubled app is the cause of the LG G5 power button problem. Another option to fix a not working power button on the LG G5 is to reset the smartphone to factory setting if the problem continues after performing Safe Mode. Once, the phone has been reset, make sure that it’s running the latest software update provided by your carrier. You may want to check with your service provider what should be the most recent system update version on the LG G5.




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