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LG G6 Restarts Itself Over And Over Again (Solution)

LG G6 Restarts Itself Over And Over Again (Solution)

Is your brand new LG G6 restarting itself over and over? You could have a software or hardware fault that should be covered by your warranty. When your LG G6 has a fault like this that is beyond your control, it’s often covered by the warranty and you can get a free repair or replacement LG G6 by contacting LG directly. However, if your warranty has run out, or you have done something to cause the constant restarts, your warranty may not cover it.
Before you go the warranty route, you should look to see if you can resolve any of the LG G6 constant restarts by yourself. When a device restarts over and over, it’s known as a bootloop. In this guide we’ll provide some tips on how you can fix the LG G6 bootloop error. This guide will also be useful for you if your LG G6 switches itself off every now and again without prompt from you.
This issue can be related to a bad app, a dodgy firmware update or even by a damaged battery. We have provided some tips for solving the LG G6 bootloop problem below. If you cannot fix the LG G6 by following these tips, we’d suggest getting in touch with an authorized LG technician.
The Android operating system causes the LG G6 to keep restarting
Sometimes the LG G6 will restart over and over because a new system update or firmware change is corrupted. It can be daunting when this happens, but if it is a software issue like this you can usually resolve it on your own. The easiest way to fix the issue is to perform a factory reset. Here is how to factory reset the LG G6.
Please note that once you factory reset your LG G6 you will lose all of your existing data. If you can, try to back up as much data on your LG G6 as possible before starting the factory reset.
An application is responsible for the sudden reboots.
Did you recently install a new app? This could be the reason why your LG G6 is stuck in a bootloop. Sometimes badly designed apps can cause system shutdowns. Fortunately, there is a built-in feature to solve any problems related to bad apps. This feature is called Safe Mode and it can be used to delete bad apps without factory resetting your LG G6.
To boot into Safe Mode, first switch off the LG G6. Once the G6 is switched off, hold down the power button. As soon as the LG logo appears, hold the volume down button. The phone will now boot into safe mode. Once you’re in safe mode you can delete any apps that may have been causing the LG G6 restarts.

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