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LG V30 Password Reset (Solution)

LG V30 Password Reset (Solution)

Users, in general, tend to create complicated and unorthodox passwords just so that no one will be able to open their phone. However, some of them were unable to remember the passwords they’ve created, hence making their phone locked forever. This happens in all kinds of Android devices, like your LG V30. Most tech site states that the only way to fix this is by performing a hard factory reset on your phone. However, we all know that it’ll erase all the data on your smartphone. Luckily, Recomhub is here to provide you three different ways to pass the Password Reset Issue on your phone without the need to erase all those data.

Performing a Factory Reset on your LG V30

The first process we’ll be teaching you is performing a factory reset on your smartphone. Please note that before performing this process, you need to create a backup for all of your information and data to prevent it from losing. To do this, read this article on  how to factory reset an LG V30. The process of creating a backup of your phone is by heading to Settings application > Tap on Backup & reset. Now for the other files on your phone, you’re able to use a third party application that enables you to create a backup for them.

Using LG Find My Mobile to Unlock your Phone

If you’re able to register your phone in LG, with its “Remote Controls” feature, you’ll be able to access the LG’s Find My Mobile service. Using this awesome feature, LG V30 users can briefly reset their passwords then bypass the lock screen of their phone. We advise you to register to it now as soon as you have read this to prevent this situation happening in the future.

  1. Register your Phone with LG
  2. Access the Find My Mobile Service to briefly reset your password
  3. The Find My Mobile Service will give you a temporary password then with it, you’ll be able to open your phone
  4. Create a new password

Using Android Device Manager to Unlock your Phone

One more method you can perform if you have already registered your phone to Android Device Manager is by using it’s “Lock” feature. Using this feature, you’ll be able to reset your password with any computer.

  1. Open the Android Device Manager software on your PC
  2. Browse for the LG V30 on its interface
  3. Once you have found it, activate the “Lock & Erase”
  4. Sets of steps will appear on the screen to lock your phone. Follow them
  5. Create a temporary password
  6. Input this temporary password on your phone
  7. Once the phone is unlocked, create the new password and you’re all set

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