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How To Fix LG V30 Freezing And Crashing

How To Fix LG V30 Freezing And Crashing

You’re having the time of your life playing an app you love, then suddenly your LG V30 crashes then freezes leaving you without any clue. Why?! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hundreds of LG V30 users have experienced this and as your resident Android and iOs device Problem Solver, we’ll be shedding some light on why this event occurs and what to do with it.

A lot of factors should be considered as to why your phone crashes and freezes. Please note that before doing any of the suggested methods we’ll be showing you be below, you should check if you already have the newest version of LGV30’s software. Most of the time, this is only the reason why this happens. Given that you already updated your device and yet it still continues to freeze and crash, follow these steps.

Fixing Crash Issues by Deleting Faulty Applications

Oftenly, faulty third-party applications will make your LG V30 freeze or crash. We suggest checking the reviews first of each application you download on the Google Play Store and to look if other individuals are experiencing the same issues as you. Note that LG  won’t be able to fix all of these apps, so please keep in mind that the developers are the ones who should tweak their application. If ever the application still causes your phone to crash or freeze, delete it so that it won’t cause more serious problems in the future.

Fixing Memory Issues

Everything under the sun needs a rest in order to function well. When you’ve forgotten to restart your LG V30 for a week, applications stats to crash and freeze spontaneously. It’s because the memory of your LG V30 is glitching, resulting in your applications crashing. Shutting down your phone and resting it will solve this problem. However, if this won’t work, we recommend you to follow this instruction:

  1. Open your phone then press Apps
  2. Tap on Manage Applications (to find this option, swipe your screen then browse for it)
  3. Select the application that keeps on freezing or crashing
  4. Press Clear Cache and Clear Data

Perform a Factory Reset on your Phone

If your phone still cannot be identified, performing a Factory Data Reset should fix the problem. Keep in mind that by doing this, you’ll be losing all your saved data and applications, together with your Google Account Settings, so we suggest you create a backup before doing this. To know more on how to perform this, go to this link on how to factory reset the LG V30.

LG V30’s Memory is Insufficient

Another possible reason why your phone keeps on crashing is that you don’t have enough space to run the applications. To fix this, uninstall or delete rarely used or unused applications. Also, delete unnecessary files on your phone to free more space.

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