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OnePlus 5 Keeps Restarting Itself: Get Help Fixing All Problems

OnePlus 5 Keeps Restarting Itself: Get Help Fixing All Problems

Some owners of the new OnePlus 5 have experienced sudden unexplained reboots. Some have also reported that the OnePlus 5 will switch off at random times without notifying them. If you are experiencing these issues on your OnePlus 5, try these tips to fix them. However, the most effective option is to contact a OnePlus technician to get your OnePlus 5 repaired or replaced.

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If your OnePlus 5 is still under manufacturer warranty, you might be able to get help from the manufacturer. You can also contact OnePlus Support to help you see if they can solve the issue for you.

Sometimes a newly installed app conflicting with another causes restart issues. A faulty battery that cannot hold charge for too long to provide the needed performance can also be the issue. Outdated firmware can also make your OnePlus 5 to start misbehaving. I will explain two methods below that you can use to fix this issue on your OnePlus 5.

The Android Operating System Causes the OnePlus 5 to Keep Restarting

One of the main reasons why OnePlus 5 keep restarting is because you just installed a new firmware update. I will suggest that carry out a factory reset on your OnePlus 5. Make use of the following guide on how to factory reset the OnePlus 5.

Before you carry out this process on your OnePlus 5, it’s important that you backup your data and files on the OnePlus 5 because when you reset the OnePlus 5, all your files and information will be deleted.

An application Being Responsible for the Sudden Reboots

If you do not know what the Safe Mode is, the safe mode option gives you a different interface for you to safely uninstall apps and remove bugs. Also you can make use of the Safe mode to detect if there is a defective app on your OnePlus 5.

Switch off your OnePlus 5 and then you will need to touch and hold the power on/off button to reboot your OnePlus 5. Once you see the boot screem, press the Volume Down key. Hold on to the key until you see the prompt. The Safe mode will show up at the bottom left of your OnePlus 5.

How To Turn ON And OFF Autocorrect On OnePlus 5

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Dec 19, 2017

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