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Organize Quick Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Organize Quick Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Owning the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a really interesting experience, one that allows you to have all the settings you need to operate your smartphone at your fingertips. And as if that is not enough, there are great many options for customizing the settings and features to fit your preferences.

Most of us who own the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will agree that the smartphone has a lot of settings which can be quite confusing at times. You see, the way the Galaxy Note 9 have been designed is in order to allow for multiple functionality. One quest can be achieved in several ways and this is where there are quite a lot more settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 than on any other smartphone.

One of the easiest ways of accessing your settings and frequently used features is by organizing your Quick Settings Panel. Note that the Quick Settings is simply a shortcut panel which contains some of the most frequently used settings such as the data switch, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and General Settings.

You can use the Quick Settings Panel to quickly enable or disable a number of functions because all these functions are available at your fingertips. Organizing the quick settings panel involves changing the grid settings by rearranging the buttons in any way you like.

Depending on your wireless service provider, the available screens may vary from user to user. This will also be determined by the software version that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is running on.

Some of the common settings you can adjust when organizing your Quick Settings include;

Button Order On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Some people frequently use the internet and it is for this reason that you will find them quickly turning on the Wi-Fi connection as soon as they turn on their smartphone. If you are such a user, you can make the Wi-Fi button the first one you see by rearranging the order of buttons in your Quick Settings panel.

To do this, follow the steps provided below;

  1. Open Quick Settings Panel by swiping your screen from the top downwards by using your fingers
  2. Tap the More Options button
  3. Now select the Button Order
  4. Move a button by touching and holding on the button then drag it to where you want it to appear.
  5. When the button has been placed in the location you want it, tap on Done.

Button Grid On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

By default, you won’t find so many buttons on your Quick Settings Panel but the good news is that you can actually increase the button slots. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can allow you to have as many as 15 buttons but many people go with the minimal 9 buttons.

You can change the grid layout so as to have as many buttons on your Quick Settings panel as possible. You can achieve this in as few as four steps as shown below;

  1. Once again open the Quick Settings panel as illustrated above.
  2. Bring up more options by tapping the More Options button.
  3. Select the Button Grid next
  4. Now choose the desired grid layout and tap OK.

The above mentioned are some of the easiest ways to organize your quick settings panel for Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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