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What is an Extended Profile on POF?

What is an Extended Profile on POF?

If you have been using Plenty of Fish (POF) for some time, you’ve probably heard of Extended Profiles. However, if you’re using the free version of the dating app, you’re not able to view them and are probably not familiar with this feature.

Essentially, a POF extended profile is what that the term implies: a profile that gives more information about another POF user than a regular profile and could give you a better idea if you’re a good match or not.

To read the extended profile of another person, you’ll need to upgrade your account. This article will tell you more about extended profiles and other perks of a paid POF membership.

More About POF Extended Profile

The benefits of being able to view the extended profile of a person that interests you are significant. In fact, the features of an extended profile could inspire some POF users to go from a free to paid account.

If someone took the time to make the most of the extended profile feature, it could be a gold mine of useful data. And often that one crucial detail could end up being more than any other online profile could ever tell you.

POF Profile

Other Benefits of Upgraded POF Membership

If you’re on the fence about switching to paid POF membership just for the extended profile, there are other benefits might convince you to do so.

Here are all the perks you get with a full POF subscription, and perhaps a few more benefits that might make it seem worth the investment:

  1. You can upload 16 pictures instead of only 8. We all know photos can tell a story.
  2. You get to see who read your messages and when they deleted them.
  3. Your profile will be highlighted and moved to the front of the MeetMe section.
  4. It’s an entirely ad-free experience, which is something many people love.
  5. You can see who viewed your profile, as well as the exact time and date they’ve viewed it.
  6. You can use the Search feature to find someone if you know their username.
  7. You can send someone up to three gifts every day.

While these advantages may sound great, not all of them will bring guaranteed results. For example, sending gifts might be appreciated by some users, but others may not even consider it. The same may apply to knowing who has viewed your profile. If you haven’t matched with them, it could feel like a rejection, and not everyone is ready for that.

But according to POF, paid memberships lead to more successful matches, which makes sense when you consider the main benefit – appearing more frequently in the MeetMe feature.

The extended profile remains the most intriguing feature that can be unlocked with the paid POF membership. Vital information could be added to a person’s profile that could make you like them even more.

POF Subscription Plans

If you’re sold on the idea of unlocking the extended profile feature on POF, you’re might also be wondering about the cost. There are several plans from which you can choose.

You can buy a one-month membership for $19.99.

And while buying a yearly membership might seems like you’re almost setting yourself up to failure, doing so brings the price of the monthly membership down to $6.78 per month. Initially, it will set you back $81.40, though.

You choose to buy two, three, six, eight, or twelve-month membership right away. You can also upgrade using PayPal or credit card

Extend Your Chances for Meeting the Right Match

When you’re single, online dating is one of the fastest ways to meet someone and see if you click. But before you meet them in person, it might be nice to know a little more about them first.

That’s why the extended profile is such an appealing category in the POF app. But you’ll have to subscribe to unlock it. That decision might seem worth it if you consider all the other benefits of the upgraded POF profile.

Would you choose to subscribe to the extended profile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Vivien Connor says:
I am trying to upgrade for one month but unable to find, despite it saying that a one month upgrade is available
Zoe lapidakis says:
I am a paid member yet i have no idea how to view extended profiles

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