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How to Use Zelle with Capital One

How to Use Zelle with Capital One

There’s great news for Capital One customers: The bank is one of the owners of Zelle so it’s fully integrated. First, you can now use Zelle to send money even to people who don’t have a Zelle account. Second, your daily limit is much higher than some other banks.

Using Zelle on the Mobile App

Although you don’t need to have the Capital One app to use Zelle, it’s much easier to use the app or your Capital One online banking portal.

Reserved for Capital One account holders, you have to send a text that says “MOBILE” to 80101, to be verified against your phone number on file. You’ll then get a link that you can use for downloading the app. Once you’ve installed it, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Sign in with your credentials.
  2. Select the checking account you want to use.
  3. Select the “Send Money With Zelle” option.
  4. The app will then guide you to enter all the details necessary, such as the amount of money, recipient’s name, etc.

It’s going to be almost the same if you use online banking on a browser, Just look for the Zelle Transfer logo or tab.

Zelle With Capital One

Using Zelle on Desktop

Building on the above, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your credentials.
  3. Select the checking account you want to use.
  4. Click on “Sent Money With Zelle”.
  5. You’ll be asked details like the amount to be sent and the recipient’s info.

That’s it! Of course, if you’re not sure that you did everything correctly, you can always click on your account history to inspect your past transactions.

Is This Service Free?

Yes. As mentioned, Capital One is one of the founding owners of Zelle, which was designed to be free and to do away with the need to enter routing numbers and account numbers.

Moreover, you also may need to connect your mobile phone number with your account so that you can receive verification messages.

Are There Any Limits?

As stated above, Zelle was not designed to pay for expensive things like a car. Bear in mind that the limits apply only to the money sent and not the money received.

Capital One is a joint owner of Zelle so you can expect the limits to be higher. Your daily limit is $2000 and your monthly limit is $10.000.

However, these rules are subjects to change, and banks can change them whenever they want, although you can count on getting the notification first as an account holder.

How Fast Is This Service?

Zelle is one of the fastest payment services today! Provided that both sender and recipient have a Zelle account, the transaction can be carried out and completed in just a few minutes. The best thing of all is that you don’t have to pay additional fees for this instant transfer as it’s almost like the old ACH transfer.

If the recipient doesn’t have a Zelle account, they may need to create one – that’s if they actually want to receive the money. In this case, it may take a couple of business days after you’ve sent money from your account.

Use Zelle With Capital One

Fast and Easy Way to Send Money

In the United States, more and more banks and credit unions have jumped on board with Zelle. It’s one of the easiest and fastest payment services, perfect for when you have to send some money quickly to a friend, relative, or even the landlord.

Have you tried Zelle and what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “How to Use Zelle with Capital One”

ally says:
Why does Capital One not allow recurring payments through Zelle when other banks do?
Kim Bonanno says:
Someone owes me money and they say they can’t send it with Zelle because their capital one account is a Business account. Is this true?
Ariana says:
Yes, it’s true. I am a small business banking customer and I do not have the option to send or receive zelle payments. Capital One has it for personal, but not business.
Kim E Bonanno says:
Can I send Zelle money with a capital one Business account?
Don A. says:
When Capital One is working, it is beautiful but when they don’t, then you are SOL. I have been using Zelle to transfer out money using the Web interface for a few years now and it recently stopped working because thelittle nag SMS machine that sends text messages every time you want to make a transaction stopped sending the texts with the verification codes. Called for support and they had me do some testing and found one of the servers that responds form short-code SMS accounts was not responding to me. They refused to address the problem, then after spending 2 days calling support 3 times, they agreed to open an incident that would supposedly be reviewed by their support team in 72 hours. I got an automated email back just a few hours later saying “working as designed – incident closed” and there is no way they could have done any kind of trace to see what the error was and they never contacted me as well. I really have a great deal of frustration dealing with Capital One because if something goes wrong, all their help line will do is say “try it again tomorrow”. It’s as if they are getting charged a large sum from the IT company they have contracted to and they get some kind of reward if they can brush you off and you go away in silence without them getting IT involved. This email I received that closed my incident, I am not even sure it came from the tech support group, as if it had, it would have included real info about the diagnosis. In may ways it is as if Capital One has no IT support and the entire operation is running on a totally automated platform. Freaky!
opSecSaysNo says:
Click on “Sent Money With Zelle”.
I would if it existed. I am an hour in and can’t find any Zelle anything after downloading the Zelle app and then using that to connect to the bank app. I tried it on the phone and on the computer.
arthur brisk says:
i dont have mobile smartphone and seems cant set up zelle with capital one
Jerry says:
install bluestacks on your PC it is a virtual smart phone

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