What are the Numbers Under Photos on POF?

If you’re ready to date again, Plenty of Fish is an excellent place to start. Among friendly and respectful people, you might find that special someone you’re looking for.

In case you’re scrolling through the profiles and wondering what the numbers under the photos mean, you’re in the right place.

What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Numbers under the photos on POF are part of the Nearby option and show how far someone matched is from you. Whether its 400m or 1.2km, the app matched you, and it’s informing you how close they are.

When you become a part of the POF community, its mobile app can use your location to find matches living or working close by. This way, the app encourages you to act and meet with a potentially good fit.

When you know that someone interesting might be living in the same area or taking the same bus, the chances are higher that you’ll react.

POF What are the Numbers Under Pictures

Other Numbers You Might See on POF

As one of the critical features of POF, Meet Me shows photos of potential matches along with their age and location. Numbers that you see next to someone’s nickname like “Coffee_Genius, 37” or “37, Toronto” are their age. And, in case you were wondering, age and location are always visible.

Searching by Age

Numbers are an essential part of online dating services. One way to narrow down a search for a potential partner on POF is to search for ideal partners by a specific age range. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the Search option and select Refine Search.
  2. Drag the slider next to Age to set your minimum and maximum.
  3. Choose your new potential match.

The app itself connects members according to their age. POF suggests that relationships develop more naturally within a specific age boundary. Once the members get older, those boundaries expand.

How to Be a Memorable in a POF Search?

Good photos can be your key to success on online dating sites. A great image is powerful enough to impact your profile’s visibility, fill your inbox with messages, and increase the number of matches on POF.

To make your photo memorable and attractive, we have some simple tips we’d like to share.

Show Your Face and Smile

A lot of studies suggest that a smile makes a person more appealing to others. Showing your face in-focus will encourage members of POF to see you as someone confident and optimistic.

Two or three recent photos are enough for your profile but choose them carefully as they’re visible to everyone. Ideally, they should be close-ups with a smile, since full-body pictures from the beach might send out the wrong message here.

Find a Neutral Background

Profile photos are all about our faces. However, cluttered backgrounds like offices, parking lots, or stores can’t add value to what you’re trying to show on online dating platforms. Instead, opt for a simple background with neutral colors to frame your face.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be perfect but put some thought to it rather than uploading the first selfie you can find.

Experiment with Contrasting Colors

When you’re swiping images for too long, there’s a point when everyone starts looking the same. That’s why colors can be a great way to help you stand out from the crowd. Choose a sweater you like or a colorful scarf to contrast your hair color, and you’ll notice the difference.

As your photo appears in searches and POF chats, the color on your photo will inevitably attract attention. Be aware that one color is enough as two or three would only have the opposite effect.

Ask Your Friends for Opinions

We tend to be overly critical when it comes to photos of ourselves. That’s why friends and family can help us decide on the right profile photo. If you’re indecisive on what to post, ask five to ten people what they think, and you’ll have your answer in no time.

Image Content on POF

When you upload your profile photo or any public photo, remember that all members of the POF community can see them. That’s why you need to make sure they’re connected to your hobbies, work, or something you enjoy doing.

Try to avoid photos with friends and family, as they might not feel comfortable while someone else has access to their photos. POF asks its members to be mindful of others and not upload anything that might violate anyone’s rights or privacy.

Navigating Dating Life

Now that you know how to navigate POF a little better and see what the numbers around photos mean, try to choose your connections wisely. Think about our suggestions and upload only the photos that you’re comfortable with.

When you feel good about your profile, others will notice it. Did you change your profile photo after reading this article? Do you like Plenty of Fish? Let us know in the comments section below!

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