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What Does ‘Will Respond’ Mean on POF?

What Does ‘Will Respond’ Mean on POF?

Plenty of Fish helps millions of people to find an ideal date. And while the platform may not always live up to expectations, it does offer a number of features to make your profile stand out. One of which is the “will respond” option.

In this article, we’ll explain what that means when you see it next to someone’s profile. Plus, we’ll offer a quick guide to the platform’s new features.

What Is “Will Respond”?

One of the latest features on POF is a “will respond” option that encourages members to exchange more messages. If you see a “will respond,” that means that if you write to that user, they’re likely to answer.

How “Will Respond” Actually Works?

How does a system determine if a user is likely to answer? They do so by using extensive metrics and records.

Special programs go through thousands of emails on POF, looking for specific keywords. This way, POF keeps track of people who send more emails every day and marks them.

Plus, it considers how long it takes a user to click on another person’s profile, how long it takes to respond, the best time of the day for responding, and other things of that nature.


What’re the Criteria for a Likely Answer?

POF uses profile information to determine whether you’re a person that’s likely or unlikely to answer messages. Here’s what the platform takes into consideration:

  1. Your “Online Now” status.
  2. If you share the same age group as the other user.
  3. The proximity of the two POF members.
  4. Shared preferences.
  5. Correspondence history.
  6. Number of received emails in the inbox.
  7. Personality traits (bio, photos, number of engaging emails you sent).

Bear in mind that even if POF connects two members, there’s no guarantee of a response as it depends solely on the other person.

Plenty of Fish Premium Services

Since launching, POF has been free. After introducing premium services, members who upgraded their profiles got a long list of benefits to make them stand out in searches. In addition, POF claims that new features significantly increase your chances of meeting someone.

Will Respond Mean

Here’s what you’ll get if you upgrade your POF account:

  1. Instead of eight, you can upload 16 photos on your profile.
  2. Unlock extended profiles to find out more about other users.
  3. Ability to see if the recipient read your message or deleted it.
  4. Your profile will be moved ahead of the rest in MeetMe feature.
  5. See who wants to meet you in the MeetMe feature.
  6. Adds-free dating experience.
  7. You’ll see who viewed your profile and when they did it.
  8. Stand out in all searches by other members.
  9. Unlimited access to username search.

Are There Other Useful Services to Increase Your Visibility?

Over time, POF developed a number of features that help members connect more straightforwardly.

Here, we’ll mention only the most popular ones.

Using Tokens on POF

In case you’re still considering your account upgrade, tokens can help you attract more attention on POF. They can be used to send Priority Messages and Like+.

Here’s how you can get tokens and start using them:

  1. Find the Token icon on your POF home screen.
  2. Select the number of tokens.
  3. Complete the payment.

Priority Messaging

When you send your first message, you want it to stand out in someone’s inbox. That’s why POF introduced Priority Messages. You’ll need one token to send this message, and it will stay in someone’s inbox until they read it. These messages can last up to 29 days to increase your chances of starting a conversation.

Here’s how to send a priority message:

  1. Compose a message.
  2. Before sending, change from “Send” to “Send as Priority.”
  3. If you want to send a standard message, turn off “Send as Priority.”


Liking someone on POF is the first step to a potential date. However, if someone caught your eye and you’re eager to talk to them, you can send Like+ and start your conversation immediately. To do so, you’ll need one token in your account.

The “Nearby” Button

This option shows users how many geographically close POF members there are. The activation of this feature is slightly different in the phone app and website, but it comes down to your location in both situations.

On the phone, you’ll need to allow the app to access your location, while on the website, you’ll need to use the “My City” tab to get local member recommendations.

POF Will Respond Mean

Pros of Upgrading

One of the features that attracts many people to Plenty of Fish, is the ability to search for those you’d like to message. That way, you feel like you have your dating life in control more than on other online dating platforms.

Also, when your profile gets upgraded, you can see more information about other people like the result of their Chemistry Test results and decide whether you want to connect.

The upgraded version allows you to see who has read your messages and who hasn’t. If you’re not bursting with confidence, this feature will help you understand how to step up your game.

Giving Up Is Not an Option

Sometimes online dating can seem too complicated with all the options available. The truth is that it’s still just a means of bringing together people who might’ve never met otherwise. In addition, online dating platforms can create new opportunities for friendships as well as relationships.

Now that you know more about POF features and premium account, would you consider upgrading your POF profile? Would you use any of the features we mentioned? Let us know in the comments section below!

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