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11 Good Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies Free Online in 2020

11 Good Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies Free Online in 2020

Since the shutdown of Putlocker, you may be looking for a new online site to stream movies. With so many available, which are the best ones? We’ve compiled a list of streaming sites that are available and allow you to stream the movies you love for free.

In this article, we’ll go over 11 secure and reliable alternatives to Putlocker for streaming movies and TV shows online.

Alternatives to Putlocker: Websites

Here are our picks for the best online alternatives to Putlocker.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of those streaming services that have survived the times. The developers have worked tirelessly to ensure that Popcorn Time is a seamless, bug-free experience.

This website is also in the form of a downloadable application, which is a significant advantage for Popcorn Time.

Offering free tv shows and movies, you can use an Amazon Firestick, Android device, or computer to stream content on Popcorn Time. With a user-friendly interface and wide selection of material, Popcorn Time is a great place to start if you’re new to online streaming content.

We love this service because of the newly released content. If you’re looking for straight-to-DVD or blockbuster titles, Popcorn Time won’t disappoint.


If you love old movies, Popcornflix is the site for you! Viewing on the website or as a downloadable app, Popcornflix gives you instant access to hundreds of great videos for free. We love Popcornflix because you don’t have to create an account, visit the website and start watching.

It’s simple to use and offers excellent content. As an alternative to Putlocker, Popcornflix provides content across multiple platforms.

Solar Movie

Solar movie is another well-regarded streaming site. The site is clean, fast, and easy to use. It doesn’t have the slickest interface in the world, but it makes short work of finding movies and TV shows to watch. Both have their own category, and there is also a useful search function should you need it.

Streaming is seamless, too. Highlight a title, and a popup appears, select “Watch,” and a new screen shows with the title front and center. As long as your internet connection is sufficiently fast to handle the quality, Solar Movie streams flawlessly.


FMovies is a lot like Solar Movie but has a slick interface. It also seems to contain many more Hollywood titles and mainstream TV shows. The categorization is better at FMovies, and the overall browsing experience is better.

To play a movie or TV show, click one to be taken to the movie page. The film should begin playing automatically. Based on our experience, after selecting a title, a popup may appear. Leave it be for a moment, and the content starts to play without you having to do anything else.


123Movies has been around for a while, and it’s wildly popular. For its ease of use and high quality, 123Movies is one of our favorites. The website itself is slick and easy to use. It has the usual category selections, and you can even filter by country if you are looking for a foreign film. The collection is extensive and covers most new releases.

Selection is simple: Find a title, select it, and it takes you to its page. The movie will play automatically or after a quick prompt. Media loads smoothly, buffers quickly, and offers HD playback without any fuss.


LosMovies is another popular online streaming site that you might enjoy. Featuring content that new and old, you’ll be excited to know that LosMovies also has a downloadable application.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, you can select from their movie list or filter by the first letter. There’s even a filter for subtitles saving a little extra time looking for the perfect movie. LosMovies doesn’t ask for any personal information, and you won’t have to create an account. All in all, this is an excellent Putlocker alternative.

Alternatives to Putlocker: Apps

If you don’t want to use your browser for movies and TV, you can also use a standalone app on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. In this section, I’ll introduce a few apps that work well for watching movies and shows.

Popcorn Time

The app is available for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac, and you can download it here. Install the app, find a title, select it, and it plays.


Showbox is the Android fork of an older (now dead) app called Moviebox. The idea is the same as all the other apps and services in this article: streaming movies and TV shows at no charge. Showbox requires downloading an APK on your phone, as the official app stores do not support it. You can get the Android version here.

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is another alternative that runs on both iPhones and Androids. It works just like Showbox and has a lot of HD content. PlayBox HD has a clean and straightforward UI design, and it streams quickly and without buffering on a good WiFi connection.


Crackle is a bit different than most of the sites and apps here; it is owned by Sony and presents only licensed content, so you don’t need to worry about a VPN. Everything on Crackle is a good quality video, and the app lets you do things like save your favorites and create playlists. Crackle has a clean and straightforward UI, and you can search and sort the shows and movies you want to watch.


Stremio, like Sony’s Crackle, is an entirely legitimate service that takes your streams from Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, etc., and collects them all in one place for your convenience. Stremio offers versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The UI looks like most of the other movie apps we’ve discussed and will also work with movies and show video files you already have stored locally.

How Do You Stream Safely?

If you plan to use your Internet connection to download or stream any content for which you are not 100% sure about the copyright status, you should install and run virtual private network (VPN) software.

A correctly-configured VPN essentially makes you anonymous online. It blocks your ISP from being able to tell that you are downloading potentially illegal content.

TechJunkie has a number of articles to help you get a VPN working for your Internet connection, including our reviews of the best VPNs as of March 2020 and this overview of how we assess and review VPN software.


Some or all of these services or apps may host copyrighted material without the permission of the owners. Any site which either hosts or links to copyrighted material for which it lacks distribution rights are subject to getting taken down by copyright enforcers.

Also, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may identify that you are streaming copyrighted material, and there could be legal or financial consequences for doing so. TechJunkie assumes no responsibility or liability for the way anyone uses the information presented in this article, which we provide for informational purposes only.

Note that these sites and apps sometimes move from host to host; if you click on a link and find a dead or unresponsive page, try Googling the app or site name to see its latest location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn’t there a new Putlocker APK?

 – There certainly is! You can find the APK online but not in the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply follow this link.

Q. Why do I need a VPN?

– A Virtual Private Network keeps your streaming content secure. By secure, it means that your internet service provider and others will be unable to track the websites that you visit, including those for streaming movies.

Q. I got a warning when accessing Popcorn Time, is it safe?

– While it’s better to err on the side of caution, many users have stated they have received a warning when accessing Popcorn Time. If this happens, you can take safety precautions or use another one of the great online streaming alternatives listed above.

How to Uninstall a Program Completely

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