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How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On LG V30

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On LG V30

It’s very unorganized and confusing at the same time having duplicate contacts on your LG V30. The unacceptable part about this event is that you did nothing in order for it to result to this. Luckily, we are your friend and friends help each other out. So instead of buying an application that’ll help you reorganize those contact of yours, we’ll be teaching you how to delete those duplicate contacts in an instant. What you will be learning today are Finding, Merging and Removing Duplicate Contacts on your phone.

First, you need to know how this occurs so you won’t be able to commit it in the future. It’s caused by connecting multiple email accounts on your LG V30, saving it to your phone, then your phone automatically creates a duplicate for contacts for them. Now, you can delete it manually to solve the issue, but we all know that’ll take too much of your time. So instead of deleting them, what we’ll be doing is to merge your personal email address book and work email address book.

Deleting Duplicate Contacts

Finding, Merging and Deleting duplicate contacts can be done without the use of a PC. Given that your contacts are unorganized, what you need to do is head on to Gmail app on your phone and edit your phonebook from them. Here are the steps in deleting duplicate contacts on your LG V30:

  1. Open your Smartphone
  2. Head on to the Contacts Application
  3. Search your contacts for the ones you want to be merged
  4. Tap on the first contact you have chosen
  5. Find the spot saying “Connected Via”. Tap on the symbol beside it
  6. Press Link Another Contact
  7. Choose the Contacts you want to link then Press back

How to Organize LG V30 Contacts in an Instant

Your LG V30 has a built-in cleanup contacts tool where it organizes your contacts and removes the duplicates. Now, here’s the step in identifying duplicate contacts on your LG V30 then merging it to make it organized.

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Open your Contacts app
  3. Press the three dot icon located in the top right of your screen
  4. Press Link Contacts

Once you have pressed Link Contacts, a dropdown list will appear in where you see the email address, phone number and the names to find the similar contacts. Press the contacts to link them. Once you have pressed the similar contacts, press Done and then it’ll merge the contacts, hence deleting the similar contacts on your LG V30.

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