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How To Mute LG V30

How To Mute LG V30

Muting your phone can save you from shameful moments when you’re in the middle of an important meeting or you’re reporting at your classroom. Almost all of the smartphone nowadays have this feature, including your LG V30. If you’re an LG V30 users who want’s to learn how to disable the sounds on your phone, Recomhub will be catering you several methods on how to do it.

Generally, muting or silencing your phone can be accessed through the settings application for all types of smartphone. But did you know that your LG V30 enables you to mute your phone with just simple gestures and motions which will save time opening and tweak the Settings app? Yes, you heard that right. To cut your excitement from it, here are the ways to disable the sound on your LG V30.

Using Regular Mute Functions to Disable the LG V30’s Sounds

The simplest and fastest way to disable the sound on your LG V30 is to press the volume control button located on the left side of your phone. Long press the button and once the Silent Mode appears on your phone, then it’s already muted. One more way to mute your phone is long pressing the power button. Once you see the Vibrate and Mute options, choose the Mute options. Another way is by accessing Vibrate/Mute options located at your Sounds Settings. To access it, swipe on a downward starting from the top.

Using Gestures and Motions to Disable the LG V30’s Sounds

Now, here’s the cool method on how to disable the sound of your LG V30. Since your LG V30 has the capability to detect motions, you can access different apps using the Motion Control Feature. To access it, flip the phone over to lay on its front. You can also place your hand over the face of your phone. To take control of over this feature, go to the My Device section located in the settings app of your LG V30.

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Dec 5, 2017

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