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Does the Samsung a20 Support LTE?

Does the Samsung a20 Support LTE?

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is one of the most popular models from the 2019 series. It belongs to the lower mid-range, but it has some neat features. It is perfect for people who are looking for a decent smartphone with an attractive price. However, it might not be the best choice for the tech-savvy.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Samsung A20, you probably have many questions. We’ll try to answer some of them, and we hope that we can help you decide. One of the most common questions is whether the phone is LTE or not.

Is This Model LTE?

One of the essential factors that you should consider is the type of network that the phone uses. Samsung Galaxy A20 has 4G LTE connectivity. If you’re not sure what does it mean, we’ll try to explain using everyday terms. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. That means that LTE technology is continuously improving and developing.

A couple of years ago, scientists were working on implementing 4G networks. However, at the time, they couldn’t achieve the minimum speed that the 4G network required. That’s when they decided to opt for a replacement, at least for some time. That’s how they invented the LTE network.

The difference between LTE and 3G, the previously used network, is considerable. LTE is much faster and smoother than the 3G network. It can work ten times faster than its predecessor, bringing incredible download speeds to the table. Also, it generally improves your online experience.

LTE is between 3G and 4G. Much better than standard 3G, but still not perfect enough to be considered a fully-fledged 4G network. It gave us a faster Internet while we were still waiting for 4G.

However, the regulating body allowed manufacturers to label LTE phones as 4G in some cases. The connection has to be very fast and significantly better than standard 3G. That’s the case with the A20. That’s why we say that it has a 4G LTE network.


Difference Between LTE and 4G

Many people don’t know what’s the difference between 4G and LTE. We’ll try to explain so you can consider this factor when deciding which phone to buy.

Fourth-generation connectivity, also known as 4G, was a significant innovation in the technology world. Here’s a list of features that previous versions didn’t have, but 4G has:

  1. Full digital media on mobile devices.
  2. Higher download speed.
  3. Faster video streaming.

On the other hand, LTE is somewhere in-between the two. In comparison to 3G, it’s significantly better. However, the improvement still isn’t significant enough to be considered a new generation of networks.

To illustrate this, we could compare it to the S series of iPhone. There’s a big difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS. The latter is a better, improved version of the former, as many customers can confirm. However, the difference is not substantial enough to make it a next-gen phone.

When it comes to speed, 4G is faster than LTE 4G. However, we believe that the average user will be satisfied with LTE 4G. Unless you need the super-fast Internet for your work, you’ll be fine. If you use the Internet for everyday things, LTE won’t disappoint you.

From a technical standpoint, LTE doesn’t meet all 4G standards. That’s important for developers who are working on developing even better generations of networks. However, most everyday users won’t feel the difference.


If you’re considering buying the A20, you should know that it has superb LTE connectivity. It is affordable, reliable, and delivers excellent value for the money. It is a lower mid-range model, but it also has some neat upper-class features. However, the decision is yours.

samsung a20 lte

Final Word

Now you know more about the Samsung Galaxy A20. When we consider all the factors, we believe that this phone is an excellent option. Of course, everything depends on what you are looking for in a phone. For some people, the camera is the most important thing. For others, it is the battery, while some people may consider the network crucial.

Do you prefer 4G or LTE? Do you see a big difference between the two? We’d like to hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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