Samsung Galaxy J5 Problems With Sound (Solved)

Posted by RecomHub on February 7, 2019

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy J5, it’s a known, common phenomenon for owners of the phone to encounter issues with the sound quality. Some of the problems that have been noticed on the Galaxy J5 include sound problems when talking on the phone, sound problems that can be caused by Bluetooth devices, and sound not being loud enough on your smartphone. Below we’ll get into some of the solutions that you can use to fix your Galaxy J5 sound quality issues. While the volume is likely not high enough to give you a literal headache, it’s probably still causing a metaphorical headache.

The following are some possible solutions to fix the volume and sound not working on the Galaxy J5. If the audio problems are still happening after you run through each of these suggestions, then it’s recommended to contact your retailer to get the Galaxy J5 replaced.

Before you do anything else, if the Galaxy J5 is new then make sure you’ve taken off the plastic cover that the phone has when you first get it, as it covers the microphone and thus muffles the sound. If that isn’t causing your problems, then the following is a guide on how to fix the Galaxy J5 sound problems.

How to fix Galaxy J5 sound problems:

  • Turn off the Galaxy J5, remove the SIM card, and then reinsert the SIM card and turn on the smartphone.
  • Dirt, debris, or dust could be stuck in the microphone, thus muffling the sound of your Galaxy J5. Try cleaning the microphone with compressed air and check to see if the Galaxy J5 audio problem is fixed.
  • Audio problems can be caused by Bluetooth. If there’s a Bluetooth device synced to your Galaxy J5, turn it off and see if this does anything to improve the audio quality on the Galaxy J5.
  • Wiping the cache of your smartphone can also solve the audio problem. Read this guide on how to wipe the Galaxy J5 cache.

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