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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Using A Custom Song As An Alarm

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Using A Custom Song As An Alarm

For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners that will love to know how to set your music for an alarm on your Note 8. This is for those that will like to personalize their smartphone more by being able to customize their alarm. Galaxy Note 8 allows you to use your own music as your alarm ringtone and it is quite easy and quick. Below is a guide on how to set up personal songs as your alarm ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a series of default alarm tones, and I find them most of them annoying and unpleasant to wake up to. One alternative option to using your custom Galaxy Note 8 alarm is to download from the Google Play Store that is on your smartphone.

There are several apps specifically designed for alarm clocks.

It is important to point out that these apps are quite expensive and you might end up not being a fan of the music that is available for an alarm sound.

As soon as you have downloaded the chosen song on your Note 8, you can easily set it up to be used as your alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Below is a guide on how to successfully configure and use your custom music as your alarm on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


How to Use Custom Music For Alarm On Galaxy Note 8

As I’ve stated before, you need to be certain that the song is stored on your device storage. You can’t use songs that are on your Google Music cloud account as an alarm on your Note 8. The most proven way to have all your songs on your Galaxy Note 8 is to connect your Note 8 to a computer and transfer all your favorite music to your “Music’ folder on your smartphone. For Mac users, you can just use the Android File Transfer tool, and then click-drag the selected songs to your Samsung Galaxy Note. As soon as you have the songs on your phone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Look for the App tray and click on the Clock app.
  2. Scroll to the editing screen of the alarm you want a custom music for
  3. Select on “Alarm tone.”
  4. A list of default songs will appear, search for the “Add” button to select your song as the alarm.
  5. Search for the preferred music that you want to use as your new alarm sound and click on ‘Done.”


When you have finished with the steps above, you can be sure you have successfully selected your music collection to wake you up on your smartphone as an alarm. It is also important to point out that you should choose ‘Auto recommendations’ option when setting up your choice of music. The “auto recommendations’ will extract and select the loudest part or the highlight of the song as your alarm. So you don’t have to listen to the intro.


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