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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Delete Apps

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Delete Apps

For new owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 who are just using their first smartphone under the Galaxy series, you need to be aware that the Galaxy Note 9 is riddled with pre-installed apps that are commonly known as bloatware.
Learning how to delete the numerous apps that Samsung have built into the smartphone is an essential skill especially when you need to free up space on your Galaxy Note 9. Storage space is an important feature that you need to be on top of if you want to witness the Samsung experience truly.
However, you should know that deleting these bloatware apps does not guarantee extra storage space for you to install new apps of your choice.
You can delete a number of bloatware apps part of which include all Google related service apps like the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google + and the likes. Other bloatware you can delete from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 includes Samsung S Voice, S Health, and other related apps.

Method 1: From the Settings

  1. Turn on your smartphone
  2. Launch the app menu and pull up the Settings menu
  3. Click on the Device option
  4. Tap the Applications button
  5. Click on any app you want to delete
  6. After selecting any number of apps hit the Uninstall button. Customized apps that are essential to the Android system will not delete however

Default apps can only be forced to stop or disabled. Deleting them is not possible. Disabling a particular app will not uninstall it, but it will prevent the app from running whenever you turn on your device, from appearing on the app menu or running as a background app.

Method 2: From the Launcher

  1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone
  2. Launch the app menu
  3. Edit any app
  4. Click Disable or Uninstall depending on the app details

After following the steps highlighted above, you should be able to delete and disable apps successfully on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Aug 18, 2018

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