Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Overheating? – Solution

Some users have been complaining that their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is overheating unnecessarily. This issue is becoming a common one among Samsung smartphone users.
In this article, I will explain methods that you can use to solve the overheating problem that you are experiencing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
There are a lot of reasons why your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might be overheating; it can be because you left your smartphone in a place with a hot temperature for too long which is a temporary issue that can easily be fixed.
However, there are other major causes of overheating, and I will explain them below and how you can solve the issue.

How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Overheating Problem

  • Most times, the overheating issue that you are experiencing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be because of a defective third-party app. to be sure about this, you can activate the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. All you need to do is touch and hold the power key and then the on-screen power button and you will see the Reboot to Safe Mode option. As soon as your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is rebooted, a safe mode text will appear on in a corner on your screen.  If the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 stops overheating, then you can conclude that a third-party app is causing the issue. Locate the app and uninstall it or you can carry out a factory reset
  • However, if the Reboot to Safe mode option does not work, and you want to carry out a factory reset. I will suggest that you clear the cache partition to see if the issue will be solved. Carrying out a factory reset should be the last method that you should go for. You are allowed to clear the cache partition for all your apps at once.  You can use this guide to Learn how to remove the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cache.  You will need to power off your Samsung smartphone, touch and hold these three keys together (Power, Volume up and Home). Once you see the Samsung symbol, release the keys.  Make use of the Volume keys to move through the options and highlight the ‘wipe cache partition’ option and then use the power key to choose it.

If the issue continues after carrying out all the tips provided in this article, I will suggest that you check out the Vitamins for Samsung Mobile app to see if this can solve the overheating problem.

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