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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Using Flash Player Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Using Flash Player Guide

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user who misses the old days of Adobe Flash? Then you know that Android smartphone manufacturers like Samsung gave up on it for the right reasons, all in a bid to improve users browsing experiences.

Smartphones get newer versions practically every year, further relegating the need for flash plugins, yet some users still love the idea of using a Flash Player on their Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There is tons of stuff on the Internet that still requires a Flash Player to access them.

To improve user experience, there are dedicated browsing platforms and apps that have an integrated flash player support. Awesome news, right? The likes of Mozilla, Dolphin, Puffin, and Firefox browsers offer quality flash player support.

This is to assure you that your options are far from limited especially if you are a Flash Player enthusiast. Downloading any of these browsers will allow you to enjoy Flash Player-needed content and you can finally get to enjoy those SWF games whenever you want. But where do you start from?

From our viewpoint, the Dolphin browser is the best choice for any Samsung Note 9 user who want to play flash videos without hiccups. The Dolphin Browser offers more than just basic flash support. With Dolphin browser, you have access to incognito browsing, HTML5 video player, sidebars, and tab bar, as well as top-notch super-fast loading speed.

Now that you have read that ton of information about how to get the Flash Player on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, let us move on the tutorial.

Galaxy Note 9 Flash Player Tutorial

1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 9
2. Launch the Google Play app
3. Search for Dolphin Browser
4. Download and install the app afterward
5. Exit the Google Play Store app and launch the App menu
6. Open the newly installed Dolphin browser
7. Click on the Dolphin icon in the browser to open the browser settings
8. Locate the Flash Player option and toggle it to Always On
9. Browse any web page that requires Flash Player to check whether the settings has been activated
10. The page should prompt you to download the Adobe Flash APK
11. Download the plugin and enjoy Flash Player

Note: If you are unable to download and install the Adobe Flash APK file extension from the browser, it is possible that you didn’t enable the Unknown Sources permission option on your Galaxy Note 9.

1. Open the Settings app
2. Click on the Security option
3. Tick the box for Unknown Sources

You will be able to install third-party APKs that are not directly from Google Play Store. You can finally enjoy the Flash Player without any headaches.

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Aug 16, 2018

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