Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: How To Turn OFF Alarm

If an alarm is bothering you on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, you want to turn it off. The Clock function of a Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a host of options like using it as a stopwatch, marking the calendar for important events in the week and much more. The alarm is one of them with a great snooze feature that is a must for everybody who likes to live on the edge.

Here is a simple tutorial through which you can access the Clock function and set alarms, delete them and edit them. You can also turn off alarms altogether and use the snooze function. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:


Manage Alarms

  • To create a new alarm, select “All Apps” from home menu, tap on Clock app and select alarms. You can now edit the alarms here
  • You can adjust the alarm time which is already set to a default value. You can use the arrows to adjust it. Tap on the AM or PM option to change it to the other if you want to
  • After you have selected the time, you will have to mark the days on which the alarm will have to sound. If you only work on weekdays, it doesn’t need to ring on Saturday and Sunday. Mark “Repeat” option to repeat the alarm on selected days.
  • Now you need to adjust the way the alarm will sound. You can select between Vibration, Sound and select both at the same time too.
  • Select the Alarm tone that you are comfortable waking up with
  • Adjust the Alarm volume by moving the slider
  • You can also touch the toggle to turn snooze on and off and pick up different snooze options or intervals. Snooze “Interval can be adjusted like minutes (3, 5 10, and more) and repeat option as for how long the snooze option will continue (1, 2, 3, up to 10 times).
  • You can also name your alarm. It will remind you of the thing you had to go to or do when the Alarm sounds.


Using the Snooze

You can choose to use the snooze option by swiping the yellow “ZZ” sign in the direction of your choosing after alarm sounds. The snooze function must already be enabled in the Alarm settings.


Deleting an Alarm

To delete any alarm in Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, enter the Alarm menu in the settings as shown before. Now locate the alarm that you want to delete and tap on it and hold the tap till an option of Delete pops out. If you just want to turn the Alarm off for later, tap the clock instead.

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