Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Delete Words In Dictionary

When you’re trying to send messages, your Galaxy S9 has a built-in dictionary that saves all the words that you have typed. When you try to use the word again, it automatically suggests those words for you. However, if you need to get rid of a word from the dictionary so that it can no longer show that word anymore, you will need to delete the word individually within the keyboard settings menu. Follow the steps provided below to remove words from your Galaxy S9 keyboard dictionary.

Delete Words in Dictionary


  1. Open any app that can bring up the keyboard and type text on your Samsung smartphone
  2. Enter the first letters of the word you want to remove, and you should be able to see it among the suggestions
  3. Press and hold your finger on it when it appears in the suggestion bar.
  4. A “Remove” button will pop up on the screen, tap this to remove the learned words
  5. Tap the OK button again when the Galaxy S9 ask if you’re sure you’d like to remove the word

The selected word will now delete from the dictionary automatically


You can personalize the keyboard on your Samsung S9 with these steps. You would see the word no more in the suggestion panel anytime you type the letters that usually led to the word getting displayed.

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