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What to Do When Samsung Galaxy S9 Doesn’t Activate

Do you recently purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S9 and it won’t activate? There are few things you can do to find out whatever is wrong with it and how you can fix it. Before we start talking about what to do to fix it, we need to point out that several people are having identical issue.

The issue is a bit technical, and probably the best option is to contact your mobile carrier. However, it is not compulsory you do that, there are procedures you can undergo to fix this issue yourself. Note, the instruction below is only applicable to those that bought their Samsung Galaxy S9 from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Sprint.

How to Fix Galaxy S9 Activation Error

The Galaxy S9 sometimes develops an error that inhibits automatic activation. It is usually due to the activation server having issue thereby causing an error. When the phone is unrecognizable, it can also cause the activation error.

Restore to Factory Setting

To get rid of the activation issue and bring back the phone, you have to perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy S9 [1]. It’ll give the phone a fresh start and probably remove the apps and other things causing the problem. Resetting your phone will delete all your information on both the internal and external memory. It’ll be a good idea to backup all your relevant data before you perform the task.


It’ll also be a wise decision to restart your Galaxy S9 smartphone to fix this issue it’s not that severe. To reboot your device, switch it off and wait for few minutes before switching it on again. However, there is no guarantee that this process will solve the issue, but it’s worth the try since you have nothing to lose.

Network or Wifi Issues

At times, you can trace the issue of activation error back to the Network or Wifi issues. It’s crucial to carry out a few tests; you can start by changing to another Wifi setting and check if it solves the problem. Your phone will probably be up and running after this process.