Samsung vs Vizio TV – Which Should you Buy?

Posted by Jamie on November 3, 2019

There’s never been a better time to be in the market for a high-end TV. Whether you want an LED or a UHD display, both Samsung and Vizio are likely two of the names that are on your shopping list. We regularly get e-mails and comments from TechJunkie readers asking for our advice about which TV to buy.

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At TechJunkie, we want to help our readers, however, and wherever we can, but we don’t make direct technology recommendations like this. What might be a great TV for us might not be such a great TV for you, and vice-versa; there’s just too much personal preference involved, and we try to stay objective.

But what we can and will do is to provide an overview of both brands and highlight what an informed consumer should be looking for when they shop for a new TV, regardless of what brand(s) they prefer. This overview of Vizio and Samsung TVs should help you choose the one that is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Samsung Televisions

Samsung is a South Korean technology company that has been around almost forty years. It produces high-end products from TVs to smartphones, wearables to smart refrigerators.

The company concentrates on quality and usability, and that shows through in their products. Samsung TVs are famous for their high-quality screens. Samsung is popular as a screen manufacturer. In fact, not only do Samsung TVs use Samsung screens, but some competitors buy Samsung screens for their TV product offerings as well.

Vizio Televisions

Vizio is an American consumer electronics corporation headquartered in Irving, California. Vizio produces a variety of audio and video equipment but mainly concentrates on TVs, sound equipment, and associated hardware. The Vizio brand isn’t quite as well-known as Samsung yet but is definitely on the rise. Vizio was originally a warehouse brand that operated as a club before going mainstream.

Vizio products are of outstanding quality, but rather than focus on screens and traditional measurements, Vizio emphasizes smart technologies and concentrates on how users are evolving in their use of technology. For example, some Vizio TVs don’t have TV tuners because broadcast TV is on its way out. Some Vizios come with an Android tablet that enables SmartCast streaming.

Does Vizio Make Good TVs?

Vizio does make good TVs, and for a competitive price as well. Let’s look at the positives and negatives for a Vizio television, and we’ll select our favorite from their televisions.


  • Competitively Priced: Vizio TVs have similar features as Samsung TVs, but for a much lower price. In many cases, the cost can be several dollars cheaper.
  • Dark Room Picture Quality is Amazing: Vizio TVs have a full-array dimming backlight. This produces deeper blacks and less glare, so your television is more comfortable to watch.
  • Low Input Lag: If you’re a gamer, you’re going to want this TV. Due to the low input lag, you’ll be able to make faster plays and have a competitive chance against other players.


  • Unpolished: These televisions can have firmware issues, and have a cheaper design when compared to Samsung. These features have been fixed in some of their updated televisions, but not all of them.
  • Upscaling Issues: Low-quality media like SD channels or DVDs don’t measure up to the sharpness of Samsung or other brands.

Which Series of Vizio is the Best?

Vizio P Series Quantum 2018

The Vizio P Series Quantum is the better of the Vizio televisions. It has optimal picture quality, has excellent motion handling, and has exceptionally low input lag. It’s also a bright television, one of the brightest televisions on the market. This means there will be no problem overcoming glare. The contrast, uniformity, and dimming system are fantastic; the only big issue is there is only one HDMI port.

This television is for multi-usage. If you’re gaming, the low input lag will be significant to remain competitive. If you want to watch Netflix, the lack of glare will help you see better. The Quantum X is a close second, but the issue is they’re too expensive currently. If you’re okay with a higher-priced model, go for the Quantum X. If not, stick with 2018.

Does Samsung own Vizio?

No, Vizio doesn’t manufacture Samsung televisions. Vizio is an independent company that outsources the manufacture of its televisions in Taiwan by AmTran Technology. This Taiwanese company operates multiple locations across Asia.

Both companies offer great quality products. Samsung is almost unbeatable in terms of screen quality, audio, and usability. Vizio delivers good products with excellent screens at very competitive prices and focuses on innovation and user experience. Vizio’s known for pricing their HDTV products lower than the competition.

Samsung TVs Vs Vizio TVs – Which do I buy2

What to look for in your next TV

Putting brands aside for the moment, what should you be looking for in a new TV? Shopping for a new TV is now more complicated than ever, thanks to more options, new features, and competing standards. LED, LCD, OLED, 4K, HD, UHD, 1080p, and other features will be stickered across screens in the store. But what does it all mean and what should you buy?

Before you even fire up your web browser to do some research, you should assess your needs and the space the TV will inhabit. This will help narrow down your choices. Then think about these questions.

  • What do you mostly watch? TV shows? Movies? Streams?
  • Where do you mostly sit in reference to the TV? In front? At an angle? Far away?
  • How important is the screen resolution? More important than screen size? Not as important as being smart?
  • What is your budget for a new television? Unlimited? Limited?

All these factors should be kept in mind when shopping for a new TV. It is effortless to get caught up in the excitement of looking at the latest, shiniest TV and lose sight of your budget limitations and the way you intend to use the TV. It is also easy to spend a lot of money on TV features you may never use. Buying decisions are about getting what works for you, your needs, and your budget.

There is no point in spending your budget on getting a mediocre screen with better smart technology if you never end up using those features. You would be much better off buying the best possible screen and audio so you can experience the best of the best. Someone more interested in the coolest smart features than in having the ultimate in resolution should make the opposite decision.

Screen size

You measure TV screens in the diagonal, from one corner to the opposite corner. The smallest mainstream TVs today start around 20 inches and can be larger than 100 inches, although most stores top out in the 50 at the 70-inch screen size range. The size of the screen you should buy depends on the space in which it will sit, the size of the room, how far away you will sit to watch it, and your budget.

The standard measurement for screen size and viewing is to sit 1.6 x screen size inches away from the screen. This means if you buy an 80-inch screen, you will want to sit 112 inches away for the best experience. You don’t want to sit that 80-inch screen in a small room (unless perhaps for a dedicated media room) as it will completely dominate the space.

Screen resolution

Screen definition is the measurement of how many pixels a screen has, which directly correlates to how detailed it is. An HDTV is 1920 x 1080 (1080p), so it has 1920 pixels on the horizontal and 1080 on the vertical, which is around 2 million in total. A 4K TV (UHD) has 3840 x 2160 pixels, 3840 on the horizontal and 2160 on the vertical, which is almost 8 million.

4K TV is much more detailed, but at the moment it is also much more expensive. Plus, most cable and satellite companies are not producing much, if any, 4K programming as yet.

Samsung TVs Vs Vizio TVs – Which do I buy3

Smart or not

Smart TVs refer to whether the set is Internet-enabled and can stream content from Netflix, Hulu or use apps to add features. Some TVs go as far as voice command and full programmable EPG while others just have a web browser and streaming capability. If your TV is not smart, you can buy bolt-on boxes to make it smart.

The majority of TVs sold are smart but not everyone who owns one uses those smart TV capabilities.

Viewing angle

One often-overlooked aspect of choosing a new TV is the viewing angle. If you’re setting up a media room and everyone will be more or less in front of the TV, then the viewing angle of the TV won’t matter much. If you are buying one for a family room where people will be in different positions, it becomes more of an issue.

LCD and LED have fairly limited viewing angles, meaning the further away from the front of the TV you are, the worse your viewing experience. Viewing angles differ by manufacturer so test before you buy.


Even smart TVs need to connect to other devices to work properly. When TV shopping, you need to consider what you’re going to be connecting to it. If you use a cable or satellite box, you will need an HDMI connection. If you use an Apple TV or Roku, you will need another HDMI connection.

If you regularly use a games console, you will need a third connection for that. Ancillary devices such as external hard drives or smart boxes will use USB, so a couple of those would be good too.

If you found this article helpful, you might want to check out this TechJunkie article: Netflix Keeps Crashing on Samsung Smart TV – How To Fix.

Do you have any recommendations on how to choose between a Samsung or a Visio TV? If you do, please leave a comment below!

7 thoughts on “Samsung vs Vizio TV – Which Should you Buy?”

Carol Terry says:
Argh! I just got a brand new Smartcast Vizio tv and so far I can’t stand it! I am NOT tech savvy. All I want to do is watch TV and once or twice a month I watch Netflix. I had a 5 year old Samsung that I loved, but I bought new hearing aids and was told I needed a newer tv if I wanted to plug in the device that puts the sound directly into my hearing aids.
It’s still early, but when I turned it on this morning to watch tv, I was only offered options to stream! Streaming is not my priority! And, if you are a person who is older (I am 61) the Vizio remote is a joke. The print/font on the remote is tiny! And it appears to be gray font over a black background – not enough of a contrast to see what you’re doing! I have a smart friend who is coming over this afternoon to look it over and teach me a couple of things, but right now, I’d love to have my old reliable Samsung back.
Jessica Franco says:
I saw a video that all appliances are being made for shorter life span so we can purchase another one. Tv’s refrigerators, stoves, etc… I have a Vizio that I bought 8 yrs ago and the HDMI Ports went out. Bought a new main board and replaced it. $38. fixed the problem. Now it works again.
Luanne Kiner says:
WOW. We purchased the Samsung 55in classic LED in April of 2010. Next month will be 9 years and we paid $2499. Fortunately we have NEVER had any problems We are looking for a new tv for our bedroom only reason I’m on here
Justin says:
I’m trying to decide between the Vizio P Series Quantum dot and the Samsung Q7, both 65”. It will mainly be used for gaming. Mainly PS4 Pro and maybe a One X if I decide to get it. I have an older model Vizio D50 that doesn’t have HDR and you can see banding on grey and white screens. I know the Vizio P series is cheaper in price compared to the Q7. However, I like the look of the Samsung. It seems to more of quality. I don’t know which picture would be best for gaming and Netflix. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Don Walker says:
I bought a 43 in Pioneer Plasma in 2004. I’ve had to update the receiver because of technology advances that my 2004 model didn’t have. Now I need wireless speakers because I’m replacing the carpeting (hid the wires) to hardwood. Now I’m looking at a new TV and putting my Pioneer in the basement because it keeps working as the day I bought it, 13 years ago.
I bought a 55 inch Samsun TV in 2013….It lasted 4 years…Now no picture due to back lamp failure. I would have thought it would last longer. Is this a normal life span?
Vicky Bennett says:
I also bought a 55 inch Samsung in 2013 and now the sound is cutting out. I would like a longer life span out of my next TV but it’s almost impossible to figure out reliability because everyone has different experiences with the same brand.
Gus says:
What about dependability, quality, life expectancy, warranties. I bought a 55″ RCA 3 years ago, mostly because of a running sale (price). It lasted 3 years and in won’t come on. I think due to back light burn-out or failure of a control that runs the LED back lights.
We would like to think that there’s a manufacturer out there that makes durable products.
Cristian pena says:
Vizio samsung

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