How To Use a Fake Number to Call Someone (Spoof a Phone Number)

How to Fake a Phone Number (Spoofing)

Perhaps you need to make a phone call without your phone number getting recognized.  Maybe you want to play a prank on someone or need your number to remain anonymous.  There are some ways to do just that.

The practice of using a fake phone number is known as spoofing.  Spoofing is purposely disguising your phone number to appear as a different phone number that shows up as another to the receiver on the other end of your call.  One well know, an ethical application that is used to spoof phone numbers is Spoofcard.

How to Spoof Your Phone Number with SpoofCard

When using SpoofCard you insert your phone number then, the receiving caller’s number and the phone number you’d like displayed to them.  Let’s say you are a professional or own a business.  You want to be able to call clients back from your smartphone without them having access to your personal cell phone number.

Using Spoofcard lets you legitimately and justifiably have a need for their service.  They have an application available for iOS and Android smartphones.  You do have to pay for the service by first purchasing credits which equal a specified number of minutes you have for use.  SpoofCard application Web

Sign up and create an account online first to use SpoofCard services.

  1. At the SpoofCard website and sign up for an account. To do this click on the blue get started button on the upper right-hand side of the site.
  2. Then, select the package that suits your needs. It ranges from $9.95 for 45 minutes up to $99.95 for 600 minutes of call time.
  3. Next, you’ll create your login profile. They need your email address, full name, phone number and user created pin number.
  4. Proceed to choose your payment method. You can pay with Credit Card, Bitcoin or PayPal.
  5. Finally, you’ll complete your Spoofcard account by clicking the green purchase and create account at the bottom after you’ve entered all the above information.

SpoofCard lets you have a sixty-second trail call before committing to the service.  Other features offered with a paid account to SpoofCard are call recording, calling directly to a person’s voicemail, sending spoofed text messages and refilling your minutes automatically.

Is Spoofing Your Phone Number Legal?

When it comes to the legality of things, if you’re just playing a prank on a friend or protecting your privacy then, yes it’s completely legit.  On the other hand, if, you’re spoofing a phone number to defraud a person and commit a crime or cause harm to someone then, the obvious answer is no.

Use SpoofTel

Another application that can get used from your Windows computer or a jailbroken iPhone using Cydia is SpoofTel.  On your Windows computer, you’ll need to be running the. Net Framework 2.0 and download the application through your internet browser.  SpoofTel application

Then, double click on the setup.exe file and install the SpoofTel application to your Windows PC.  If you’ve already jailbroken your iPhone and have Cydia on it to install the SpoofTel app, you can follow along with the tutorial instructions provided on SpoofTel website.

Fake Call Application

The Fake Call application is available for Android from the Google Play Store.  When you’re looking to get an app, you’ll be able to use for free directly on your Android Smartphone.  This is the most popularly rated and used number disguising app available in the Google Play Store at the time of this writing.  Fake Call Android App

Be aware that this application needs access to certain permissions on your phone.  It’ll require the use of your personal information, network communication, storage access, hardware controls, phone call permission and use of some system tools.   The app developer states that none of your information is collected for wrong doing only better service by them.

If you’re only using Fake Call to goof around with your friends and have some harmless fun, then, you may want to give this application a try.

Fake Call Free Application

The Fake Call Free application can be downloaded and installed on your iPhone from the Apple App Store.  It’s free and you can get it directly on your iPhone.  It seems to be the most well liked and used for making prank calls for iPhone use in the App Store.Fake Call Free iPhone

The developer says that the Fake Call Free application is intended for entertainment purposes and doesn’t give you true calling ability.  This is for being a jokester and not an official phone number spoofing app.

If you’re only looking to have a laugh or two by pranking friends or family then, you’ll want to play your tricks with this application from your iPhone.

As we wrap things up, here’s what we’ve discovered.  You can legitimately and within reason have a need to fake your phone number or spoof it.  You may have privacy reasons or need to make business phone calls from your smartphone without giving up your real personal cell phone number.

Then, again maybe you’re just looking to have some fun and play pranks on friends or family.  We have given you the information you’ll need to do either one of these things.  So, now you know the scoop on spoofing your phone number and why you’d want to.  Unless you’re doing it for the fun of it or legitimate privacy or business reasons please don’t use it for the wrong reasons.

Posted by Heather on January 4, 2017

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Doug says:
When people are using legitimate business numbers as a “spoofed” number this prank has gone too far !! It HURTs businesses and people trying to sustain a job and feed their families! THIS IS NOT FUNNY !!!!!

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