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Security Cameras vs. Video Doorbells – Which is Right for You?

Security Cameras vs. Video Doorbells - Which is Right for You?

Gone are the days when protecting a property cost a fortune. Nowadays, security systems are more affordable than ever. You’ll find numerous options on the market at a wide range of prices. If you’re thinking about installing a security system, you’re probably wondering what the best option is: a security camera or video doorbell.

The two security systems are often used synonymously, but there are some distinctions you should know before buying one. If you want to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss both security cameras and video doorbells and help you make an informed decision about which one works best for you.

Security Cameras vs. Video Doorbells

Security cameras and video doorbells have many features in common. They both “keep an eye” on your house, enable you to view live footage when you’re away, offer plenty of extra features, etc. However, they do have their differences.

Before we dive into the pros and cons of each, it’s important to remember there isn’t a universally better option. Both security cameras and video doorbells are excellent at what they were designed to do, but that doesn’t mean they will work for everyone.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are only one of the options for protecting your property. Before purchasing them, it’s essential to check out their pros and cons.


Let’s check out the advantages of using a security camera to protect your property.


One of the most significant advantages of security cameras is their adjustability. You can choose whether you want to install them outdoors or indoors and set the desired angle. Nowadays, most models allow you to zoom in on a particular area to avoid unnecessary notifications.

Depending on your preferences, you can install a security camera at a visible place or hide it. If you make them visible, they will serve as a deterrent for potential intruders. If you hide them, you can record motion without the intruders realizing it.


Due to their adjustability, security cameras provide more coverage. If placed correctly, one security camera can monitor both the inside and outside your house, ensuring complete security. Plus, you can add multiple cameras to cover your entire property.

Some camera models enable you to change the angle depending on your focus, giving you even more coverage. However, this option is available only for certain camera shapes.


Cameras offer a high level of security. First of all, they are usually installed on the ceiling or another hard-to-access area. Thus, potential intruders can’t reach and tamper with them. Most security camera manufacturers also offer additional equipment that helps you protect the cameras.

If you’re placing the camera outdoors, look for models that can withstand harsh weather conditions. These cameras are made from high-quality material, and it’s almost impossible to destroy them.

A camera installed in a place that’s hard to reach is a more efficient deterrent because the intruders are aware they will be caught if they approach it.

Moreover, security cameras don’t only protect your house from potential burglars; they also help you keep an eye on your family members and pets. Knowing your loved ones are safe can help give you peace of mind. Even if something unexpected happens, you’ll be able to spot it right away with the right camera placement.

If you have an outdoor camera, you’re contributing to your neighborhood’s safety by surveilling street traffic and the surroundings.

Security Camera
High-Quality Footage

Most modern cameras have excellent video quality. If your camera ever records an intruder around your house, catching them is much easier with high-quality video footage. Additionally, most cameras offer excellent night vision, keeping your home protected 24 hours a day.


Although installing a security camera in your home has many advantages, it’s also important to mention a few drawbacks.


While wireless cameras are fairly easy to install, wired ones require extra work.

It’s important to clarify that not all wireless cameras are wire-free. Namely, some wireless cameras use the Wi-Fi network, but they are still connected to a power source by a cable, while batteries power others.

As you can guess, this can significantly affect the installation process. Battery-powered cameras are the easiest to install and don’t require a power outlet, so this is probably the best choice if you want to install one outdoors.


The price of security cameras varies depending on their specifications. If you want a high-quality camera with extra features such as two-way audio, face recognition, or monitoring zones, you’ll need to pay more.


As mentioned, security cameras are highly versatile, and you can install them both indoors and outdoors. If you install them inside your house, privacy is an important factor to consider. Someone may try to hack your camera and view live footage, jeopardizing you and your family members’ privacy.

Security cameras should be installed in hallways or central areas of your house. That way, you’ll notice right away if someone tries to enter your home, but you’ll still protect your privacy. Avoid installing cameras in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are essentially doorbells featuring a camera. They can be an excellent assistant in maintaining your security and have numerous advantages, but they also have downsides. Let’s dive in.



First, let’s take a look at the positive sides of using a video doorbell.


With a video doorbell, you get two-in-one: a doorbell and a security camera. You can check who’s at your doorstep anytime by looking at the camera, and you can also hear the bell when someone arrives.

Wide-Angle Lens

Unlike cameras, video doorbells can only be installed at your front door. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t get a wide-angle view. Most video doorbells offer increased coverage and detect motion much before someone arrives at your doorstep.

Easy to Install and Use

Video doorbells are easy to install, regardless of whether you choose a wireless or wired one.

Wireless ones are battery-powered. Therefore, they are entirely independent of your home’s electrical system. Wired doorbells are attached to the existing low-voltage doorbell wiring, and the installation process is relatively easy, much easier than setting up wired cameras.

Additionally, video doorbells are simple to use. They typically feature an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making them perfect for those unfamiliar with the technology. If you’re looking for a security option with easy installation, video doorbells are the way to go.


Most modern video doorbells have excellent motion detection. Some can even differentiate between people, animals, packages, and vehicles. Typically, you can save your family members’ faces and prevent receiving notifications when they’re at the front door.

Package detection enables you to keep track of every delivery to your home and ensure everything goes smoothly. If someone tries to steal your package, you’ll have proof.

Another convenient feature is two-way audio that allows you to communicate with people at the front door without getting up. If you have a smart home, you can even open the door for your guests without going anywhere near it.

Many video doorbell apps enable you to add family members, too. For example, if your children are home alone, both you and they can oversee what’s going on at the front door without opening it.


Because they have a lot to offer, video doorbells have become extremely popular in the last few years. However, they also have their drawbacks.

Limited Application

Video doorbells can only be installed at your front door. They are manufactured for outdoor use and can’t be installed anywhere else. Although they feature a camera, don’t forget they are doorbells. Naturally, this limits the area they can oversee and their field of view.

Easy to Tamper With

Video doorbells are installed in an accessible place. Since anyone can reach them, they can easily get tampered with or destroyed. Of course, the cloud footage would remain intact, but you could still end up with a broken device and wasted money.

Night Vision

Nowadays, you can purchase a video doorbell with high-quality night vision. Still, when compared to security cameras, the viewing distance for night vision is lower. Video doorbells’ night vision is excellent when potential intruders are up close, but it’s not as good if any activity happens further away.

If you’re more concerned about the activity in your surroundings at night, video doorbells might not be the best choice.

Security Camera vs. Video Doorbell: Which One Is Better?

Protecting your home is always a good idea. If you’re having trouble deciding between a security camera or a video doorbell, it’s essential to first establish your needs and preferences.

If you want a large coverage area or monitor both the inside and outside of your house, a security camera is a better option. You’ll get more coverage and the ability to focus on the areas you consider relevant. Moreover, depending on the model you choose, you can often change the camera’s angle. If you’re looking for a flexible, highly adjustable solution, this is the way to go.

Additionally, if you want to enjoy high-quality resolution and footage, it’s best to opt for a security camera.

Security cameras are harder to access, making it almost impossible for burglars to tamper with them or destroy them. They also help you monitor your children or pets, which is a bonus to keeping your house protected from intruders.

It may seem like security cameras are the best choice, but that is not the case. Video doorbells are excellent for those looking to monitor only a specific area in front of their house. Another advantage is that they are easy to install, with no drilling required. If you don’t want to deal with wires and cables, video doorbells are an excellent solution.

Video doorbells can also offer a range of features that makes them user-friendly and highly efficient in protecting your home and monitoring your front door. Plus, they are two-in-one: a doorbell and a security camera.

Many agree that video doorbells are more aesthetically pleasing than cameras. They often feature an attractive, modern design that blends well with any door type. As much as security cameras are effective and act as deterrents, many decide to go with video doorbells for their appearance.

Another important aspect to consider is your budget. Whether you’re purchasing a security camera or a video doorbell, a general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. Both come in a wide range of prices, and it’s up to you to choose one that fits your standards.

You can assume the least expensive models won’t have a lot to offer and might not match your expectations. Likewise, it’s possible to overpay for a product that doesn’t have impressive specifications.

Generally, mid-range video doorbells tend to be less expensive than mid-range security cameras, which is another advantage.

Keep in mind your expenses probably don’t end with purchasing a video doorbell or security camera. Pay attention to how much storage space you get and how much you’ll need to pay if you use it up. The subscription fees can vary significantly, and you should take them into account before purchasing a product.

As you can see, both security cameras and video doorbells have a lot to offer and can be excellent in securing your home. Before you purchase one of the two, you need to prioritize and decide what would work best for you, your family members, and your property.

Can You Combine a Security Camera With a Video Doorbell?

If you can’t decide between a security camera and a video doorbell, you can get both. For example, you can install an indoor security camera and have a video doorbell outside. That way, you’ll cover all important areas and make your house intruder-proof.

Many people decide to combine the two and get the best of both worlds. If you’re one of them, keep in mind you should find a camera and a video doorbell that can work well together. In most cases, it’s best to purchase both products from the same brand. That way, you’ll know you’re getting the most efficient solution, and you can use the same app to control both.

The only drawback to using combining a security camera and a video doorbell is the financial aspect. But, if you want to be sure your house is protected, the price is worth it.

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