How To Send a Fax for Free Online

Free really is the best price and as long as it’s legal, we prefer using free apps to premium ones in all but a few cases. If you need to send faxes but not enough to warrant a fax machine, you will likely be very interested to know there are ways to send fax for free online.

Company email is usually legally binding if it contains a digital signature, but government departments and some old fashioned companies still demand documents by fax. If you’re having to deal with such an organization, these free fax services are for you. Each allows you to send a fax for free either as a free trial or of limited size. If you’re an occasional fax user, they would be ideal.



FaxZero is probably one of the best known free fax services and has been running for years. It allows you to send up to three pages per fax and up to five faxes per day for free. File size is limited to a healthy 20MB, which is plenty enough for most documents. Faxing in the U.S. and Canada is free but if you need to send internationally there is a nominal fee.


MyFax is another way to send fax for free online and includes international faxes for free too. You are limited to two faxes per day of up to ten pages each, or 10MB, but other than that it’s all free. If you sign up for a trial period you can send up to 100 faxes to over 40 different countries for free.


HelloFax is another very well-known free fax service that has been running for a number of years. Like the other websites in this list, it offers free faxing once you sign in. This service also supports international faxing and will save a copy of the fax in your SkyDrive or Google Drive too.

how-to-send-fax-for-free-online-3 does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to fax for free within reason. It is one of the many websites sponsored by ClicktoFax but the service is just what you need if you’re an occasional sender. It supports the usual file types and seems reliable too. is another self-explanatory website that lets you fax for free. You can upload a document or paste the contents into the page and then send. It’s fast, simple and no-nonsense. The site will allow you to send up to three pages twice a day for free before having to pay for the service.

To send fax for free online, you can use any one of these services as they all offer pretty reliable faxing. Each service listed supports a range of document types and locations, so check each one before you send. The only real limitation with these services is that you can send only. To receive a fax, you will have to pay.

Do you send faxes? Know of a good way to send fax for free online? Tell us about it below if you do!

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