How To Set Samsung Galaxy S9 To Read Text

The Galaxy S9 comes with a feature that allows you to have your text read or spoken to you. This feature is already on your smartphone, so you do not need to download any app on Google Play Store to read the text aloud.

The cool part about this feature is that you can read it in a variety of different languages other than English. Using text dictation to speak text is a straightforward process and easy to perform. In this article, we’ll teach you how to have the content read aloud on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Getting Your Galaxy S9 To Read Text

  1. Switch on your Galaxy S9
  2. Browse to the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone
  3. Choose the Settings option
  4. Find the Accessibility option
  5. Click on the Text-to-Speech option located under the section for More settings
  6. Tap the preferred engine to choose between Samsung or Google
  7. The preferences differ between the two engines
    • Samsung comes stocked with English (Male) and Spanish (Female) voices with the option to install many other
    • Google provides a range of in-depth customization options, some of which are still experimental
    • You can also Install new voices to Googles engine

The read text feature on Galaxy S9 is not suitable for people with visual impairments. Those who are visually impaired should use the Hearing menu under Accessibility. Using this, the device will tell you what is happening as you hit your screen. What you are currently doing and what part of your phone you are on the notification will pop up.

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