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Sleep Mode On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

The Do Not Disturb mode is common to many different Android phones. If you’ve been searching for it on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus without success, it’s because Samsung actually called it the Blocking Mode. They say it’s just because it was specifically intended to block notifications and calls, but another reason could be the fact that their main competitor, Apple, is using the same name and they had to come up with something different.
Either way, you should know that the Blocking Mode can help you avoid getting any calls when you’re attending an important meeting or business dinner, when you’re out on a special date or just collapsed on your sofa, dying to get a good sleep without any call interruptions.
Before you consider it too restrictive and deciding not to use this feature at all, bear in mind that you do have some options to customize the Blocking Mode. Just enough to make sure that you’re letting some emergency calls or important alarms to penetrate the silence shield…
The setup is pretty intuitive and simple, so read on to learn how to configure and use the Do Not Disturb Mode / Blocking Mode on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone.
How to turn on the Blocking Mode on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus:

  1. Access the Settings menu;
  2. Tap on the Blocking Mode;
  3. Look at the upper-right corner and tap on the toggle to switch it from Off to On.

Once you did that, the symbol of a small circle with a dash will appear in the status bar. That’s your clue that you’re officially running on the Blocking Mode.
How to configure and personalize the Blocking Mode on Galaxy S8
Right below the Features section of this option, you will see a list with all the sounds and alerts that this mode will block on your smartphone. Most users prefer to begin with two options:

  • Block incoming calls
  • Turn off notifications

If you rely on your device to wake up in the morning, make sure you’re NOT checking the “Turn off alarm and time” box.
Another important setting refers to setting up the start and stop times for an interval when the Blocking Mode will be active by default. That’s the only thing you can control when it comes to time because adjustments based on your calendar or with differences between weekdays and weekends are not an option.
Last but not least, you can enable particular contacts from your agenda to be able to call you despite of the Blocking Mode being turned on. So, even though your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone will be set to Do Not Disturb, you can allow some call exceptions:

  • You can directly select the Favorites option – all your favorite contacts will be able to reach you;
  • Or you can set up a custom list – make sure you add all the contacts you want to be able to call you.

Now that you have decided on what kind of calls and notifications you want to receive, from what contacts, and between what timeframes, you’re pretty much done with configuring the Do Not Disturb mode on your Galaxy device.
If you’re interested in blocking a particular contact, bear in mind that this setting has nothing to do with it. So, to get rid of annoying, repeat callers who bug you, use the menu of the Phone app and add that number to the Reject List. That’s something completely different than what this Blocking Mode was conceived for.

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