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SmartThings App Effect on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

SmartThings App Effect on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Without name dropping Bixby, Samsung is covertly in the smart home race against Apple, Google, and Amazon. Samsung is upgrading its smart home options through the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the introduction of a brand new SmartThings app.
Bixby was added to both of the latest Samsung flagships with the app aimed at being the controller and overseer for controlling everything smart in your home.
The new interface is consistent across all devices like TVs and fridges, as well Samsung smartphones and will integrate seamlessly with all platforms. The South Korean company is clearly trying to rival Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Home and Google Home for control over a connected smart home.
Unlike these other services which are powered by Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, Samsung was careful not to mention its own voice assistant, Bixby, when launching the new SmartThings app.
Bixby is functional and can be summoned via the Samsung Note 9 home button. But it is obvious Samsung do not want to actively engage other competitors like Google Assistant and Alexa directly yet.
The SmartThings app is focused on controlling appliances and home gadgets from one location for the foreseeable future. It is tailored for touch commands instead of speaking commands aloud.
Consistency is a big part of the SmartThings app concept, as it looks the same on Samsung smartphones and on the company’s televisions. The user interface presents the app with buttons for switching devices on and off, and you can also group devices on a room to room basis.
There is also a way to configure presets for specific times of the day – a ‘’goodnight’’ setting can be enabled to lock all the doors and switch the lights off on request.
Third-party devices which can be integrated on the SmartThings app include Yale, Ring, Philips Hue, Bose, LIFX, and more – plus vacuum cleaners, plugs, washing machines, and dryers manufactured by Samsung.
According to Samsung, the app was designed to combat the complicated steps that are involved in completing everyday chores in your home which the app does by linking interactions between the technologies in the house.
Combined with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the new SmartThing apps provides users with all the tools they need to run their households smoothly, and tailor the level of connection and sharing of content between devices.
The app can be used to send images to a particular contact, and you can even choose the specific device to send the image to. Imagine a scenario where you take photos while out for a walk, you can the image directly to a friend’s TV if you are sure they will be indoors at that particular time.
Images can also be sent to the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge and any compatible device. With the SmartThings app, you do not need to launch each of the smart home app for any device before interacting with them.
The SmartThings app also ensures that all smart devices are logged into the Wi-Fi network and are all connected to your Samsung account. You can transfer login information from you Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to other evices and the apps on them via SmartThings app.

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Aug 18, 2018

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