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Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization: Fix Bug On Windows 10

Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization: Fix Bug On Windows 10

Windows 10 has some special features built-in. One of them relates to user access settings, a function that helps organizations and that shouldn’t bother consumers. Worst case scenario for a home user is when, during an upgrade of Windows 10, the “Who owns this PC?” question pops up.

Aside from having to answer this business-related question with two options – “You” or “Your organization”, the home user shouldn’t be bothered with anything else. But that’s only available until you get the following message:


Some settings are managed by your organization


Say what? You must be wondering since when do you have an organization? And why the heck did this show up today? Yesterday you were a regular user. Today you’re trying to change some settings and there’s this nonexistent organization that locks down your PC and controls certain settings of the operating system.

How do you get your access back?


Meet the Group Policy Editor 

Since it’s a user account issue, the Group Policy editor is where you should be looking for a solution to fix updates managed by your system administrator bug. You will also have to launch it with administrative privilege, another thing you are probably not sure how to do.

So go to your Start menu and write down “gpedit.msc”. Look at the results and you should easily spot the “Local Group Policy Editor” listed.

Right-click on this particular result and then click on the “Run as Administrator” option. That’s how you launch the utility from the position of a system admin.

Now it’s time to go and check your user settings. On the left side of the editor, you should see a window with more menus.

  1. Go to “Computer configuration”
  2. Select “Administrative templates”
  3. Click on “Windows components”
  4. Go to “Data and preview builds”
  5. Double-click on “Allow telemetry”
  6. In the newly opened window you should see, right at the top, the “Enabled” option – click on it
  7. Click on the drop-down box available in the section called “Options” and select “3-Full”
  8. “OK” to save your changes and close this window
  9. Double-click again on “Allow telemetry”
  10. Instead of “Enabled”, select the option “Not configured”
  11. “OK” to save your changes and close the window
  12. Close the Group Policy Editor


And that’s all you need to do to fix the display names for some settings cannot be found and managed by your system administrator problem.

Just to make sure you have reverted the annoying setting, do some testing. Go back to wherever you were previously getting the message “Some settings are managed by your organization” and see if you still get it.

Chances are the bug is long gone and you have regained full access to configuring your account. That’s, of course, the advantage of being a home user. If you are trying to do the same on your organization or company-owned computer, most likely you won’t be able to bypass these security settings and you shouldn’t. For your work computer, whatever problems you might have, ask your IT administrator. Don’t start changing things however you please in order to fix the updates managed by your system administrator problem.




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Dec 1, 2016

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