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Best Subtitle Add-Ons for Kodi

Best Subtitle Add-Ons for Kodi

Kodi is an open-source program and it is totally free. Its purpose is media streaming, and it was formerly known as XBMC. You can download Kodi for free on the developer’s official website. It works on nearly all platforms, including macOS, Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and others.

Kodi does not have content of its own, so you’ll need to use content from the web or your local storage, Blu-Rays, DVDs, etc. Kodi has a lot of third-party plugins which can give you additional benefits, like subtitles.

Keep reading to find out about the best subtitle add-ons for Kodi.

Kodi Add-ons 101

Vanilla Kodi is pretty neat and useful, but it truly shines with user-created add-ons. You can install them all within Kodi and they will automatically update later.

The official add-ons page says that the add-ons for Kodi work like an App store, except they are all free. There are audio and video add-ons for online content streaming, skins which change the interface, remote control add-ons, and more.

You can find the subtitle add-ons on the Kodi official add-on website by choosing the subtitles category, or you can just click on this link and search for the desired subtitles. You will notice that there is a bunch of available options, but don’t worry.


Kodi Subtitle Add-ons

You can find the list with the best subtitles right below. People who aren’t native English speakers can download subtitles in other languages, or practice their language skills with English captions. There are subtitles in about fifty other languages.

Many native speakers also like English subtitles because they allow you to catch everything the actors say, even if they have thick accents, or talk too fast. Also, if English is your native language, you can watch foreign films and learn languages using subtitles.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Kodi subtitle add-ons.


Top 6 Kodi Subtitle Add-ons

Most of the top Kodi subtitle add-ons come from the official subtitle sites or media players which are very commonly used on their own. Some of these add-ons are official, which you can download from the official Kodi subtitles page, while others are third-party.

Remember that having multiple subtitle add-ons is the best choice since they are free anyway. Sometimes, you will look for a movie subtitle and won’t be able to find it right away. Having more subtitle add-ons will increase your chances of finding the right fit, especially if you are a fan of indie movies.

Most people that use Kodi stick to OpenSubtitles. It is an official add-on, and it is very good. OpenSubtitles offers a huge variety of TV show and movie subtitles, including the most popular and current titles.

He add-on lets you select over 75 languages, and it is constantly updated with new content. If you ever looked up subtitles online, you surely heard of OpenSubtitles. This is not just a popular site, they actually offer quality subtitles. is a very esteemed and popular subtitle site. Their add-on for Kodi is one of the best, offering quality subtitles and a simple interface. You can download subtitles fast and easy, and most of the time they will be correct to a T.

Podnapisi is also an official add-on for Kodi, which you can find on the official add-ons page. Updates are quite regular and the database is regularly expanded.

XBMC Subtitles

Kodi used to be Xbox Media Center (XBMC), so this is like their official subtitles add-on. It is native to Kodi and you can activate it via the subtitle button inside the app. This add-on is very simple and easy to use.

You have to enable the XBMC add-on before you use it in the app. This add-on is highly recommended for both streaming and playback, due to its simplicity.

Subscene is also a very popular subtitle website. Their add-on for Kodi is very popular and for a good reason. There are over 50 subtitle languages to choose from, and this add-on’s English subtitles are one of the best you can find.

You can find subtitles for indie and mainstream movies, as well as TV shows using this add-on.


You have probably heard of BS player before. It is a hugely popular media player with integrated subtitle options. Its Kodi add-on is equally useful and simple to use.  Many people use this add-on, and also it offers many language options.

This is an official add-on, and it is easy to integrate into Kodi.


Subdivx is another popular official Kodi subtitle add-on. It is one of the best options if you need English subtitles. It offers great subtitles quality and dialog tracking, and an excellent interface. It is very smooth and easy to use, too. You should definitely try it out.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Finally, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies with proper subtitles on Kodi. You don’t have to worry about missing the dialogue because the actors are talking too fast or too quiet.

Are you among the native English speakers who prefer watching movies and TV shows with subtitles on? Or do you use subtitles only for foreign films and shows? Let us know in the comment section below.

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