This cable or accessory is not certified: iPhone Fix


This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone is a common message for Apple owners ever since the new firmware version Apple released with iOS 7. Once a iPhone 5 users installed the latest iOS 7 on their smartphone and started plugged in a fake Apple USB charger they saw a message “This cable or accessory is not certified or may not work reliably with this iPhone” and got worried that something was wrong with their iPhone. Is it possible to fix iOS 7 iPhone 5 not charging problem? We’ll help answers those questions and still use your old fake cables to charge your iPhone or iPad. iPhone cable not certified fix will be explained in this article. If for some reason you’re not happy with this device, you can sell your phones and electronics for cash with Gazelle Trade-In.

Users are not allowed 3rd party chargers to work on Apple devices in most cases both lightning and 30-pin – that stopped charging iOS devices and now iPhone cable not charging. Using unauthorized chargers by a third-party is risky for security reasons, some iPhones using these have been causing injures and even deaths (Read about it here). The reason for this is because Apple uses MFi licenses so all Apple products have been tested to prevent damage to both you and your iPhone or iPad.

To prevent iPhone users from extra risks with 3rd party chargers, the new iOS 7 has technology that will prevent its users to charge their smartphones using fake cables. There is code in iOS 7 that tells the firmware if there is an authenticator chip in the charger and only Apple USB chargers has this chip.

This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone iPad fix!
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This cable or accessory is not certified fix and may not work reliably with this iPhone fix? Well, how to fix this problem when you plug in an off-brand cable and a warning pops-up when charging can be fixed.  iPhone and iPad owners who are not afraid of using risky products and don’t want to get the genuine lightning cable “Lightening Certified” for their iDevice can take the following steps. (This is also iPhone cable not supported fix)

Method 1:

  1. Plug the USB cable to the wall-charger
  2. Turn off the iPhone and when you see the loading wheel spinning, plug the charger in the iPhone
  3. Let the iPhone be connected to the charger for a while. Don’t switch it on
  4. After about 15 minutes, turn it on your iPhone. Dismiss the warnings
  5. The charging should mostly continue without a problem


Method 2: 

  1.  Plug in USB power 
to wall-charger
  2.  Then connect USB cable to iPhone
Dismiss any warnings
  4.  Unlock your iPhone so you get to the “Home Screen”
  5.  Dismiss any remaining warnings
  6.  Unplug the fake “Knock Off” USB cable
  7.  Followed by plugging it back in.
  8.  Dismiss warning again
  9. It should now charge.


If this still doesn’t work try reading Fixing bent charger on smartphone to see if you can solve your problem this way.


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