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How To Turn ON Apple iPhone X Developer Mode

How To Turn ON Apple iPhone X Developer Mode

The iPhone X has allowed the user to modify settings, security and other stuff that’s hidden from standard users. This feature is best for users who are into techie stuff and this a mode to release all that techie mantra you have in you. It’s called the “Developer Mode”. Once you activated this mode, the iPhone X user will have access to the secret settings and features of their iPhone. Not only you will have the access but it can be modified to from activating the debugging of USB and to many more advanced techie functions of the iPhone X.

If you love to experiment settings on your iPhone X, the developer mode is perfect for you! You will be able to install unauthorized apps and ROMs. If you’re interested in Developer Mode on your iPhone X, follow the quick guide below.

How to Enable Developer Mode on iPhone X

  1. Connect the iPhone X to computer
  2. Press and hold the Power and Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds
  3. Release the Power button while still holding the Home button
  4. Hold the Home button still for another 10 seconds
  5. Release the Home button and wait until the screen goes black
  6. The iPhone X should now into the DFU Reset

Note: Once you’re successfully done with the steps above, iTunes will automatically open in the computer and a message will show up that it has detected an iPhone in a recovery mode and that the iPhone X must be restored before the iTunes can work with it. Once you see the message and the screen goes black, then you have successfully entered the DFU mode.

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Jan 10, 2018

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