How To Turn OFF Keyboard Vibrations On LG V30

Keyboard vibrations are cool since it makes the user experience more interactive, especially when you’re playing games on your LG V30. This feature activates each time you hit a button on your phone. The amazing part with this is that you’ll be able to chat with someone without looking at your screen because every time your finger hits the screen, it vibrates. Just make sure you memorize every keystrokes on your phone!
Though the interactiveness of this feature is really off the chart, not all LG V30 users are a fan of it, especially the ones who are saving their battery for important matters since enabling this feature really drains your battery fast. If you’re one of the LG V30 users who wants to know how to disable this feature, then you came to the right place. Without further ado, here are the steps in disabling your LG V30’s Vibration Feature:

Disabling the LG V30’s Vibration

  1. Open your LG V30
  2. Head on to the Menu Page
  3. Afterwards, Proceed to the Settings
  4. Tap on the Sound Option
  5. Choose your desired Vibration Intensity. If you want it to be disabled, set it to the Minimum Intensity

Once you have done this, hit on the button located at the upper left of that page to disable and to turn off the Vibration Feature once and for all. In addition, you can also do this with your phone’s Notification and Alert Vibration.

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