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How To Use Custom Music On Galaxy S9

How To Use Custom Music On Galaxy S9

You listen to your favorite music on the Galaxy S9 but why not take advantage and use it to personalize your device? Getting away from the stock alarm on your Samsung phone is a good idea since most of them are quite awful.

It makes a lot more sense to set your alarm to something you want to hear rather than something you have to listen. Forget about having to deal with the terrible built-in ringtones; the Samsung Galaxy S9 gives you the flexibility of selecting the most cooling alarm on your phone. Read on, and you will find the instructions on how to set up and use your favorite songs as an alarm on the Galaxy S9.

How To Set Custom Music As Your Alarm Tone

To set a particular song as an alarm tone, you need to have the song stored on your device. If the song is on your computer, try connecting your Galaxy S9 to the Pc that stores all the music files, and transferring them to the Music Folder on the smartphone. If you’re a Mac user, the Android File Transfer will help you do this. You make a connection with the smartphone with the Transfer tool, and then click-drag the music to your Samsung Galaxy.

You can follow this step-by-step process once you save the music on Galaxy S9:


  1. Launch the App tray
  2. Tap on the Clock app
  3. Go to the editing section of the alarm you want to personalize
  4. Click on Alarm Tone
  5. Look for the Add from device button in the newly opened list of default songs
  6. Tap on the Add from device button
  7. Scroll and search for the song that you want
  8. Select the song and set as a custom alarm
  9. Tap on Done


Now you just configured your alarm to play the song that you want to hear in the morning. There is an option labeled “Auto recommendations.” Select this if you need the alarm to skip the beginning of the song, which is usually much slower and instead start directly from the highlighted part of the track.

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