How To Use Flash Player On Galaxy S9

For a while, the Adobe Flash player was anonymous on Android devices based on the belief that it would cause an improvement in the browsing experience for such devices. Users followed the trend especially as it came a period where Flash plugins were losing credibility and were losing the demand appeal.
Still, some users prefer to utilize the Flash player when browsing on the Samsung Galaxy S9. For users that want to do this, we have a streamlined guide to help you accomplish this in very easy steps.
If you were not aware before, it is important to note that many web browsers that are designed for Android devices possess inbuilt support for the Flash player.
Browsers like Mozilla, Dolphin, Muffin, and Chrome possess the Flash Player function. The inbuilt Flash Player helps users to play SWF games and Flash videos.
With the amount of fun stuff you can access with the Flash Player, you will no doubt enjoy using the Dolphin browser. Apart from supporting the Flash Player, it also supports sidebars, incognito browsing, superfast loading speeds, HTML5 video player and tab bars.
To try this amazing browser, you will have to enable third-party APKs. APKs can be enabled by opening the General Settings option, scroll to Security and check for Unknown Sources.

Install Flash Player on Galaxy S9

  1. Install any browser that supports Flash Player like the Dolphin browser. You can go to the Google Play Store and search for the Dolphin browser. Another option is to find it through this link
  2. Download, install and launch the Dolphin browser
  3. Navigate to the Settings
  4. Locate the Flash Player
  5. Click on the Flash Player and set it to ’’Always On”
  6. Exit the Settings page and open your browser to check for a webpage that requires Flash Player
  7. The page will try to utilize the Flash Player so you will need to download the specified Adobe Flash APK
  8. Because you’ve set the option to Always On, you should be free to install Adobe Flash APK
  9. Henceforth, your Dolphin browser will show pages and play its Flash

After this, you can expect your device to be equipped with the Flash Player in the browser.

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