How To Use Incognito Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Posted by nik on December 16, 2017

Most of the smartphones have Google Chrome on their device just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and there’s a great feature that can be found on the Google Chrome that will benefit most of the smartphone users who don’t want to have any tracks or doesn’t want to save everything they are searching on the internet. This feature is the “Incognito Mode” and upon using this feature, none of the data you will search will be saved on the viewing history and this also includes your passwords, username or any logins you will do on your social media accounts will not be remembered.
The term killswitch is the best definition in explaining what is the use of Incognito Mode, it only means that it will not or never ever remember everything you will view, click or search during the session. Take note that though it won’t reveal any history of the things you will do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cookies will be deleted too.

Steps In Turning On the Incognito Mode of Galaxy Note 8

  1. Switch ON Samsung Note 8
  2. Proceed to Google Chrome browser
  3. Click the 3-dot icon aligned vertically which is located at the upper right corner of the browser
  4. Click the “New Incognito Tab” option, after clicking it there will be a new or another black screen that will appear which will not save any of your data

You can also find several kinds of browsers on Google Play Store which has the same features of Google Chrome Incognito mode and that by default it will also not remember the data .These alternative browsers for the Google Chrome on your Galaxy Note 8 are Dolphin Zero and Opera Browser which has wider privacy mode settings you can activate.