How to Use PicsArt on Android

There are manyimage editing apps available on Google Play Store. However, none of them quite compareto PicsArt. This app is, at the moment, the pillar of photo editing on Androiddevices. However, the app itself isn’t simple to use. It offers a wide varietyof different tools that can be brilliant if used properly, but can also be quiteoverwhelming.

Before jumping into PicsArt on your own, take a look at the advice outlined below. That way, you’ll find the adjustment to the app much easier. Here are some fundamentals regarding using PicsArt on your Android device.

Add Text

Granted, thisis a basic feature, but PicsArt allows you to use it. Plus, there’s a widevariety of fonts to choose from, with additional effects that you can use tocreate a three-dimensional feel. In any case, here’s how to add text to yourimages using PicsArt.

Navigate to the bottom icon bar and find Text menu on the list. This will bring up a blank page. Add the text that you want to this blank page and tap the tick icon in the top-right part of the page. After you’ve added the text, you’ll be able to choose between various colors, fonts, shadows, blends, etc.

use picsart on android

Use Cool Photo Effects

One of the mainreasons people download and install PicsArt is the impressive photo effectsavailable in the app. There are various fresh and fun options, such asARTISTIC, MAGIC, FX, POP ART, the list goes on and on. Each one of theseoptions features a variety of different filters to pick out. You have to seethese effects for yourself.

To add effectsto images, look toward the bottom bar again. Find the Effects menu. Tapping Effectswill give you various different options. Shuffle through these effects and the availablefilters to apply the one you like the best to the image in question. Onceyou’re done applying the effect, tap the tick icon, located in the upper-rightcorner of the screen.


Dispersion isprobably one of the coolest effects to use in PicsArt. This feature allows youto make an image or a part of an image appear as if it was disintegrating. Thisis known as the scattering effect.You can use this feature creatively to come up with some really cool contentfor your social media, or for your personal needs.

To add theDispersion effect, tap the Tools menu,located in the bottom icon bar. This will bring up various options. Find and selectthe Dispersion option. Now, usingyour finger, draw on the part of the image that you want to appear scattered.Use the brush size function to fine-tune the scattering effect. Once you’redone applying the effect, tap the tick icon in the upper-right corner. Now,enjoy the neat effect that you’ve made.


Although the word “stickers” may sound a bit ridiculous in the era of instant online messaging, the Stickers feature on PicsArt can actually enhance your photo. In fact, the app even allows you to make a custom sticker, which significantly increases the app’s editing options.

picsart on android

To get started,look for the Sticker button in the iconbar toward the bottom of the app screen. This will bring up various stickeroptions. Find the sticker that you find the most appealing for a photo and tapit. Once you’ve added the sticker, you can position it as required.Additionally, you get access to additional options such as Adjust, Effects, and Opacity. Once you’re done applyingthese options to the sticker, select the tick mark in the upper-right corner ofthe screen, and again, place the sticker where you want it.

Navigating PicsArt

Although thesefeatures can serve as an excellent stepping stone to the world of PicsArt,there are many other options available. There isn’t a simple tutorial that canteach you how to master PicsArt; you have to do it by yourself. Use the app, playwith its various options, and learn to master the image editing art.

Do you enjoyusing PicsArt? Have any of the above tips helped you get a better feel of theapp? Do you have any questions or other tips that you find important? Let usknow in the comments section below.

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